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With the free fluid in your pelvis, the cyst may have ruptured (which can be quite painful) or it may be leaking. Ruptured or leaking cysts can also cause infection. I had an ovarian cyst and at one point it was quite painful. I ended up being over-treated (my gynecologist removed ALL my sex organs) and now have worse problems.

If the cyst had looked suspicious (for cancer) then it seems your doctor would have removed it long before now. MOST cysts are not cancerous.

Hysterectomy can cause chronic back, hip, and rib cage pain because the four sets of ligaments that are severed to remove the uterus are the support structures for the pelvis / core. The loss of this support also explains why women's midsections become thick and the belly protrudes after hysterectomy even absent weight gain. I never had back, hip, and rib cage pain until a few years post-hysterectomy. My surgery was over 7 years ago.

I also have some pelvic pain but mine is from post-hysterectomy bowel problems.

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