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Very Concerned !
Jan 5, 2014
Hello Everyone, I recently had an MRI w/o contrast done on my lumbar spine, and found moderates amount of free fluid in the right side of my pelvis.

I had a Hysterectomy done about 5 yrs ago, because I had large fibroid tumors all in my Uterus and precancerous cells in my cervix and my Gyno. went and took everything out except my ovaries. he left those. He did know I had a cyst on my right ovary. I have had this cyst for a long long time now and its slowly growing the last time i knew its size was 3cm . and that was probley 3 yrs ago because i had a c-scan and they found the cyst still there after my Hysterectomy.

Now its apparent that I have alot of free fluid in my pelvis, is that normal with the cyst , I am having alot of pain in my pelvis especially when i walk. but i thought it was my back causeing all this pain that i am having from lower back , hips , pelvis, tailbone and front legs . from my L3 to S1 i have some problems from buldging discs/herniated discs to nerve root diformity and some spondylosis .

Yes cancers run in my family - my paternal Aunt is now in remission from stage 4 lung cancer, my maternal grand mother had lung cancer and bone cancer in her spine , my paternal great-grand mother had colon and pancreatic cancer, my paternal grand father has prostate cancer , and my maternal great aunt had breast cancer and my maternal great grand mother had liver cancer.

As you can see cancer runs on both sides of my family.

My lower belly does feel bloated all the time, I do get pains and burning feeling in my pelvis alot, especially when i walk alot. I do have moderate amount of free fluid in pelvis.

Im not saying this cyst is cancer but is this all the signs of it poss. being cancerous ?

Do I need to see my Gyno asap because of this or is it nothing to worry about that its normal with a cyst to have free fluid just floating in my pelvis ?

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