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Hello all,

I'm quite fearful and could use other perspectives...

My symptoms began suddenly, 12 days ago.

They began with strong menstrual pains. On the second day I realized I didn't actually have my period.

Instead, I began to feel cramping in my lower back (right side), cramps in my upper right leg, very light nausea (just one or two minutes per day), deep aching and stabbing pain in my back, groin and pelvis, and a pinched nerve feeling from my lower back through my hip and into my upper leg.

All of this on the right side.

I've had no bloating, urgency to urinate (maybe a minuscule feeling of this), weight loss, fever, reduced appetite, or anything else (I think?) associated with ovarian cancer.

And yet I can't get the fear of it out of my mind.

Other info:

- I'm 36, and still nursing my 17-month baby (my first child), and my menstrual cycle hasn't yet returned to my pre-baby routine.

- Ovarian cancer doesn't run in the family, although other cancers do (e.g. Skin, colon, liver, brain tumour).

- I've never been on the pill.

I'm quite afraid... Do you have any tips or a word of encouragement? It would mean the world to me.

I should add, I've had soreness/stabbing/aching pain in one spot (beside my lower spine, also on the right side) for about half a year. My doctor suggested physiotherapy, but I can't stop wondering if it's related to my current symptoms. :(

I've also had health anxiety for about 10 years now, since I first started showing signs of fibromyalgia. But no matter how many times a symptom turns out to be innocent, I still become deathly afraid of each new symptom that comes along. It's debilitating.

Case in point: I should be sleeping now, as I have to be up early for blood tests in the morning, but reading/posting in this board (and hoping for feedback) is the only thing keeping my fear from getting out of control... :(

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