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I think the wrong posting got deleted so let me do this again:

I had a pap smear last month that came back showing atypical glandular cells but I tested negative for HPV. I got this all in a letter a month after my physical and was told to schedule a colposcopy. I had that done last Thursday with a gynecologist I am not happy with. I have asked about things in the past and she would never address them and overall is in and out of the office visit within a matter of 5 minutes and that includes the exam and pap smears. She just brushes her patients aside and doesn't take anything they say seriously. So when I did the research on these cells and grew concerned, I had a feeling she wouldn't show concern or handle them the way every single website says when dealing with AGUS.

So I saw her on Thursday and before the procedure I asked the nurse if she has seen this before. She says they have, but they're pretty rare. I felt slightly reassured when the nurse seem to understand. When I was in the room for the procedure, I asked my doctor about AGUS. Her answer: I see these 5 times a day, they are really common and not alarming at all. When I tried to delve further into the topic by asking if she meant about just abnormal pap smears or squamous cells, she just repeated her. Like typical fashion, she performed the procedure incredibly fast, within five minutes. I asked her what's next after this and she just said she would see me in 6 months for a recheck.

I'm frustrated and very annoyed. Every website regarding these types if cells point out that one needs to be aggressive in finding the direct cause of where they're coming from and rule out things such as cancer. And here I have a doctor who shows no concern for my health at all. My question to you all, is should I be concerned about these cells like I already am, and how do I g about finding a doctor who will actively perform the needed procedures to discovering the source of these cells.

I am 34, I have a 16 month old daughter and had hopes to have another child a few years down the road. However, obviously, if it came down to it, me living is more important that risking things and having a second child. I would rather do the needed test now, and rule out cancer for safety sake. I would kick it's butt now, before it kicks mine. We can always adopt if need be.

Also, I work at the Cleveland Clinic and I know it's along shot, but maybe there is someone from the general area who would know of a good doctor here. And I just found out today that I do not need a referral to see a specialist, so would it be wise to just go to the oncology department or would it be just fine to see a different gynecologist? Thank you everyone!!

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