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Hi everyone! I'm 27, married, no kids. Completely healthy until a year ago. First had an abnormal pap, then colpo with CIN 2, was told to watch and wait. Then, started developing food intolerances and fatigue...ended up having emergency surgery for a bowel perforation this fall (2013). Stopped eating gluten and have been fine, gastrointestinally, since then, even though they still don't really know what caused the perforation. Had another follow up pap that was abnormal with another colpo that showed CIN 2 again. Was advised to have a LEEP procedure which I had done about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I consider myself a pretty tough person, I don't get easily anxious and I never use pain meds, not even after my abdominal surgery. Medical procedures just don't freak me out. That all being said, my LEEP experience was beyond traumatizing. And my doctor made me feel like a total wuss.

As soon as she turned on the electro-cautery machine, it sparked inside me. Didn't hurt too bad, just was shocking. Doctor said she'd turn it on again and if it sparked, we'd stop, otherwise would continue. It didn't spark, but it felt like something was running thru and pulling down on my uterus. Again, this was before any cutting or anything happened. She had to start and stop and start and stop. And it just felt wrong. I guess if I had been in a less vulnerable position I would have advocated better for myself. Do you think this was all a machine problem? Or does this sensation normally happen? I haven't found ANYTHING about it online. Threw the doctor off so much, she forgot to tell me when she'd start cutting, so I jumped, and she had to make 2 passes.

I almost started crying in the office because it was so different from what I expected and so awful. She told me if I had to do it again, it'd be under general anesthesia because of "how I reacted". Was it really just me? Or should I get a new doctor? My margins were unclear, which was NOT shocking, considering my luck with health this year. I just want it to be all over. We want to start having kids ASAP and I feel like my life is being held hostage. Going for another colpo/ECC in 4 months and taking every natural/holistic remedy known to man and crossing my fingers.

This all sucks.

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