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I welcome any advice on my symptoms. I just haven't been feeling well at all, I'm 43. The last 3 months my periods have been just way off. Some type of bleeding 2 weeks a month. Which I attributed to peri menopause. So the last 3 weeks or so I am bleeding heavily (vaginally) with every bowel movement. I just went to OBGYN 2 days ago and she did a pap and said my cervix looked good, that is until she touched it with her swab. It bled a lot and even she was surprised. Then she did a vaginal ultrasound which showed which she described as a very thick lining. And now wants me to have a biopsy and seemed more concerned about the endometrium but my symptoms and risk factors are more in line with cervical cancer. The pap results will take a week. My question is this.. Has anyone had a positive Pap test for cancer even though the dr thought it looked normal visually during exam? And has anyone had heavy bleeding just while bearing down such as with bowel movements. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
I'm so sorry to hear what a hard time you've been having. It is possible to have cervical cancer that is not obvious visually, but there are certainly other possible reasons for cervical bleeding. I'm glad you had the pap and it sounds like your gyn has plans for an endometrial biopsy, which is a good idea too. Meanwhile, it can be so stressful to be waiting for tests and results, so hang in there. Sending you lots of good thoughts for your upcoming tests.

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