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Hello to all,

I am a 28yr old female with SLE and have been recently diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer caused by the HPV virus, and I am very scared of what is going to happen. I would really just like to know if anyone knows whether or not my lupus will effect my survival rate or if I will even be able to go through any type of treatment for the cancer without my immune system failing?
Starkist, welcome to the boards, I am glad you found this site. I am sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, but think I can offer you some general information. Your immune system won't fail with treatment for the cancer. The lupus should not affect your survival adversely in combo with cancer/cancer treatment. What can occur, but may not, is that the stress of surgery could cause the lupus to flare temporarily, so your meds may need to be adjusted or increased at some point if that happens. Depending on if you are on Prednisone, that can slow wound healing. You would heal, just not as quickly perhaps. If you need follow-up radiation, your tissue may react a little more with inflammation than normal, but again, that may not happen. If you need chemo, your current meds just need to be considered as to compatability with the chemo. Overall, you should be just fine going through treatment for the cancer, and I would make sure your rheum is aware and involved, as well as your surgeon and oncologist, of your combined issues, so each can be taken care of appropriately. I wish you the best, and a smooth, rapid recovery. You have a new support system here, and I hope you have good support through family and friends as well. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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