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Hi there ! I am a 22 yr old female with a slight case of hypochondria to say the least and I am new to this forum and just kinda looking for some insight on what my symptoms could mean. For the past few days I have noticed a dull manageable pain on my lower right side, including my further right lower tummy, kinda into my hip and lower back sometimes, which I have read could be ovarian cancer so these things worry me :( I can feel it most when I move or adjust a certain way sometimes, but not always. and also sometimes when I walk but It has not caused any issues with running or working out. When I apply pressure to the area I feel no pain or tenderness. My periods have been normal and I haven't experienced spotting. I know ovarian cancer can be quite silent in the way it presents itself which is mainly why I'm worried. I've decided I should either start planning my funeral , or its something simple that will pass . Any input will be greatly appreciated

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