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Sorry this is causing you so much worry and anxiety! Please take a deep breath because ovarian cancer is rare unless you have a genetic risk (in which case you likely have female relatives who have had ovarian and/or breast cancer). If you do not have a genetic predisposition, your lifetime risk is less than 2% (1.4% according to government statistics).

Many things can cause the pain or discomfort you are describing. Some women experience pain during certain times of their menstrual cycle especially when ovulating. Also, ovarian cysts are part of a woman's cycle and sometimes they hang around longer than normal before resolving which can cause some discomfort or pain. And there are some non-functional type cysts that can continue to grow and need to be removed. However, MOST of those are benign (non-cancerous). Another gynecologic condition that causes pain is Endometriosis. Bowel issues are another possibility with extreme cases being Crohn's, colitis, or diverticulosis.

If the pain continues, you should see your doctor (primary care or ob/gyn).

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