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I'm 19 and never been sexually active. I started getting concerning symptoms a few months back and have been to gynecologists with the worry of endometriosis, given that my mom had a severe case and hysterectomy at the age of 25.however, I haven't had any tests done like ultrasounds, CT scan, etc to look at my insides and give me reasonable peace of mind that nothing else is going on, and now i'm wondering if I should be requesting tests, or at least bringing up concerns of other possibilities of reproductive, like ovarian cancer to my doctor? I've already had chest X-ray and blood test to confirm normal organ function and tried antacids, so I'm not concerned about anything not gynecological.

The symptoms are lower and upper back pain, chest pain, spotting/bleeding between periods (which was sudden for me after 6-7 yrs of menstruation), bladder issues/infection (burning urine),and worst of all is the abdominal pain. I started getting concerned a few months ago, right around the time the vaginal bleeding between periods started, when there was one week where I would be jolted out of sleep with excruciating lower abdominal pain,and run to the bathroom with no relief. Before, I used to mostly just get sharp side or pelvic pains, but the abdominal pain has worsened over time. Now, I get stomach aches in my upper/middle stomach that come on untriggered by any food or even eating, that last about 1-2 hours and unrelated to bowel movements, nearly every day. Walking makes it much worse (which is a problem for me because I have to walk everywhere). I'm fairly serious about my fitness, and now I can't jog 10 minutes without getting some vague stomach pain, or occasionally, excruciating lower abdominal pain that forces me to stop, as if I have horrible period cramps, but don't have my period. The weirdest part is that while I get all these symptoms during my period and at other times of the month, I do not normally get bad cramps during my period or typical "period" pain that people describe with endometriosis. Also, it's all of quite sudden. I KNOW that endometriosis is the most likely answer here, but I haven't even brought up concerns about anything else to doctors and I'm not sure if I should mention it to a gynecologist, or if I'll just seem like a hypochondriac? I get dismissed enough as is, even when I'm right. Should I push for a test, or am I overreacting?

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