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Hi there, I'm 19 years old and never been sexually active. I started noticing since a few months ago back pain, abnormal bleeding between periods, chest pain, pelvic pain, and worst of all abdominal pain--which started out being only once in a while stabbing pains in my lower abdomen, and has progressed to being frequent full-on stomach aches all over my upper and middle stomach. Anyway, I have been to doctors, most of whom only ruled out things like organ failure with a simple blood test , and acid reflux. My main concern at first was endometriosis because of my mom's history, but now I'm worried it may not be.

A more competent gynecologist (finally) thought to order me an ultrasound, which I completed yesterday. It was only abdominal,and the technician mostly examined my pelvic area. I noticed her reexamine numerous times one spot in the middle, and my sister and mom noticed her taking measurements, and a small dot on the screen (although we of course don't know how to read it). She was so focused on that area, that she forgot to examine the rest of my abdomen, until she came back from the radiologist and was reminded. At first I was surprised by her focus on this area, as it never seemed to give me pain, but last night I happened to notice that it indeed is the source of my lower abdominal pain. When I press on it, it's quite sore, but I don't notice any swelling or anything. I thought maybe what we saw on the screen was an ovarian cyst, but the location is right in the middle of my pelvis, which doesn't seem like the place for an ovary? And would it make sense to be causing symptoms for that long? Anyway, I'm just wondering what do you guys think it could be...because I think we're all getting concerned at this point and I have to wait till Monday to hear back. Any experiences like this? Thank you so much!

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