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So I read up a bit about things to expect after the LEEP and a relative of mine who had a LEEP said it was fine afterwards just a few little cramps. I have been feeling really exhausted and have had headaches and weird niggly pains as well as some shooting pains. I've just been going about my day as usual but taking a painkiller when I get a headache. So I had bleeding on first day then it stopped and there was just the discharge. Tonight I had a sudden gush of clear mucousy fluid. I'm so glad I was at home. Did anyone else have this. Because it was clear I guess I shouldn't worry too much? It could be reassuring to hear other peoples experiences though. I know we all heal differently and our bodies react to experiences differently though.
Not right away. I spoke to a doctor recently though because I had my first period since having the procedure and was bleeding a lot more than normal it was a little worrying as I had to change my clothes three times over the course of the day. I mentioned the mucousy discharge which she seemed to think was just part of my body healing and she said the heavy bleeding was not related to the procedure at all as it apparently doesn't affect your period. This was gp though not a gynae doc or anything. She prescribed me something to lighten my period and is otherwise unconcerned.
Usually the concern would be heavy bleeding, a fever, or a bad odor. I did have some clear discharge after my LEEP.

I didn't have the fatigue, but I know some people who have. It might be related to the anesthetic - that can take a while to shake off. Hope you feel better soon.

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