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Anyone with advice, I really appreciate your feedback. I am scared something is seriously wrong and its being missed!

I haven't felt well all year. had a bad virus/strep in Jan and about a month later, the fatigue started and its been downhill since. In late march, I went to a gyn and got my yearly with bimanual exam and about a week later I started to notice intermittent pain in my RLQ pelvic area. I decided to go to another gyn since the previous one was a clinic. She did an exam and felt that my right ovary seemed enlarged so sent me to get a TVUS. This revealed a small 2cm cyst that was most likely blood filled. They gave me the wait and see approach.

Connected or not, about a week later, I got a bad stomach bug and was down for 3 days with fever, diarrhea and vomiting. My RLQ pain had worsened somewhat and I was reviewed for appendicitis at the hospital, but without much testing they said I didn't have it and sent me home. After this event, my fatigue has worsened to the point that I can barely do much around the house, can no longer work, and sleep does not help or refresh me.

In June my RLQ pain was now pretty constant, waking me at night and reaching up into my RUQ at times. Throughout this time, my stools were relatively normal, although I have had some rectal pain. I was sure my cyst had grown, yet on my follow up TVUS they found no cysts, only a small amount of fluid! They said the cyst may have burst causing this.

Now its 2 mos later and my pain hasn't let up at all. Its near constant, piercing, stabbing, burning pain. Still wakes me up at night. It gets worse some weeks, and ever so slightly less during others. I am still extremely fatigued, malaised, and feel like I have some kind of serious illness!

I am going through a GI work up. Have had a CT of abdomen and pelvis that was negative. Now do for colonoscopy. My pain seems to be independent of my bowel activity though. I am now wondering if maybe I have endometriosis? The few friends that have it usually complain of more generalized pain only around there periods, so I am not sure that fits my symptoms. I really want to seek out surgery to get to the bottom of this. Will a gyn do exploratory lap? My gyn onc offered it to check the cyst but I am no longer with her. I am really concerned that this could cancer since I feel so horrible with the pain. Can cancer be missed on 2 ultrasounds and a Ct scan??? All my symptoms included, bloating, fatigue, malaise, headaches, weakness, and RLQ pain.

I have never had previous issues, although I have always had heavy periods and in recent years I feel like my hormones are out of whack do to my extremely emotional PMS. I think I may have high estrogen.
I am so lost as to what steps to take next. I can't sit and wonder what this pain is any longer. Any advice, similar stories, help is appreciated!

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