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I'm 35 years old and for the first time my papa came back abnormal. I had a colposcopy biopsy. My doctor wants to wait 2 months to do cone biopsy. Why? I don't understand why I would need to wait. Just want opinions on my results.

Part A: EMB. Proliferative endometrium. No hyperplasia or carcinoma.

Part B: ECC. Minute fragments of benign endocervical glands, squamous epithelium, blood and mucus. Negative for dysplasia, viral effect and malignancy. Proliferative endometrium. No hyperplasia or carcinoma.

Part C: Cervical. High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (CIN2). Dysplasia extends to involve endocervical glands. Acute and chronic cervicitis. Transformation zone present.

Part D: Lt. Vaginal Wall. Koilocytosis consistent with HPV effect. Benign vaginal tissue.

The cervical biopsy shows areas of LGSIL and HGSIL with HPV effect.  

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