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Hi everyone. This is my first time posting. I found this site while looking up information about cervical cancer and decided to post because I really need to talk to people who have experience with what I'm going through. At my last pap smear I was told that I had abnormal cells and would need to have a colposcopy. (That was my first pap in 5 years after having abnormal finding, no insurance) After the colposcopy I was told that I needed to have a LEEP procedure done to remove the abnormal cells because they were high grade. I had the procedure, horrible symptoms afterwards, and was told the results were no different from my colposcopy and I had clear margins. I just went back for my 4 month follow up pap and was told that because the abnormal cells were found so deep in my cervix they needed to do an ECC. No one had told me before the pap that I would need to have another biopsy and it hurt like crazy. The doctor seemed surprised that it was hurting so badly but tried to put me at ease. I had so many questions when I got home, they never come to me in the office, that I started looking up information. What I found was disheartening. I have had symptoms of cervical cancer for about a year now and no one has been able to figure out what is causing the symptoms. I'm very scared now and my family doesn't understand where I'm coming from. They act like I'm being a hypochondriac and it makes me feel like I'm going crazy. They also keep telling me it's no big deal if I do have cervical cancer because I can get a hysterectomy to take care of it. Why do I have the symptoms of cervical cancer yet they haven't found cancer? Why did they decide to an ECC now instead of before the LEEP? I haven't gotten the results back from the pap and the ECC yet, I'm dying to know what they found, but I'm supposed to meet with my Dr. this week to discuss my worries. Have any of you been through this same thing and did you get good results back from the ECC?
Hi, Lilmama. I'm not sure why they didn't do an ECC during colposcopy, that would have been a good idea.

At this point there's no way to say what's causing your symptoms, but certainly there can be many benign causes of things like bleeding, pain, weight loss, or other things like that. The fact that you got clear margins is a good sign. I'm hoping your doctor will be able to clarify things more when you go for your appointment. Waiting can be really stressful, so hang in there. Sending you lots of supportive thoughts!

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