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Here's my situation and background again: About 2 years ago I felt a difference (lumpy different texture) in my cervix. Didn't go to the Dr until February of this year. My Dr noted "abnormal appearance of cervix, possible cancer refer to ob gyn." He also said my cervix was "friable"- bleeding. He took a pap which came back unsatisfactory due to not having enough cells. I saw the obgyn the next week. That pap came back normal and HPV negative, but the Dr. said things that made me doubt his competence like "this is not cancer, women your age don't get cancer..." I'm 33 and KNOW that's not true. I saw another OB in April that pap also came back normal and HPV negative and I was told I don't need another pap for 3 years. Starting about two months ago I started having pain near my pubic bone intermittently when walking. About a week ago this pain became more frequent, and almost constant. I went to the urgent care and then the emergency room. They did X-rays and saw nothing abnormal with my bones and told me to see my primary dr. I saw her, she did a pelvic exam and did another pap which came back normal and noted two "pustules" on my cervix, referred me to obgyn and sent me for a transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound. The ultrasounds came back normal and I'm still referred to an obgyn. Do these symptoms match any of yours? How many of you that have been diagnosed with cervical cancer had normal HPV negative Pap smears? Thanks in advance for any advice. I hope you're all doing well

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