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Abnormal Pap
Feb 5, 2015
Hello, I am very new to this site and I found some topics that I found could help me. I have been receiving abnormal pap results since the birth of my daughter (8 years ago) and the Dr is now more worried and has done Cryothearpy. Well now my repeat test was done and the Cryo did not work. Cervical and Ovarian cancer runs very high in my family (all women in my family have been diagnose with one of the two or has passed because of one of the two), which makes my chances through the roof.

Now with the Cryo not working and the precancerous cells still there and multiplying, what would the next step typically be (hysterectomy) ? Am I more worried and scared than I should be?
Re: Abnormal Pap
Feb 6, 2015
Froodie is correct, cervical cancer does not have a strong genetic link.

When you said you had another test done showing the cryo did not work, does that mean another pap smear? What comes next would depend on exactly what the results of the pap smear were. If they didn't tell you, you can always ask for a copy of the results to read for yourself. Depending on what kind of abnormalities showed up in the pap smear, and depending on how severe they were, your next steps might be different. But in general there are other ways to treat abnormal cells that would be tried before a hysterectomy.

Its a good thing you are keeping on top of this, but I don't think you need to be scared. Whatever the problem is, you have found it early when it is much easier to deal with. Your doctor will probably go over the next options for treatment with you. Hopefully he/she will explain everything clearly and give you a chance to get all your questions answered. If not, don't hesitate to seek another doctor for a second opinion. Sending you lots of supportive thoughts. Keep us posted on how it goes!

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