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Hi all. I'm 29 years old and just moved to a new state for a new job, and finally got myself a good healthcare plan. I started having weird symptoms in October 2014. I started to feel bloated all the time. I haven't been on any hormonal birth control since 2007/2008. I had a copper IUD (non-hormonal one) for 5 years, which I got removed a year ago because I was spotting every single day for months along with diarrhea episodes multiple times a day so I just wanted it OUT. This past year I've been using Lady Comp which is just a fancy thermometer than you take your temperature with every morning and it tells you if you're ovulating or not. That way you know what days to use condoms to prevent pregnancy - (I've been with the same partner the past 4 years). Over this past year I have used the data from Lady Comp to chart my cycle (you push a button on the day you begin your period and the day it stops) with excel. It has been VERY consistently every 32 days.

Well, in October when all this started, I skipped my period. I didn't get it until 64 days from the previous one. It has continued like this since (Skipped October, had November, skipped December, had January, and I'm sure I'll be skipping this month too - February). It's day 28 of my cycle right now.

I have also experience increased facial hair. I have been removing upper lip hair for many years, and having to pluck a chin hair here and there for years. However, I have to do so much more frequently now - I remove the upper lip hair twice a week, and I pluck 5 or 6 black coarse hairs from my chin every day.

The bloating has gotten MUCH MUCH worse since the beginning of January. It is all day, every day, but VERY bad in the morning. I was describing to my boyfriend how it feels - like an extra set of ribs is in my stomach, and a beach ball in between that keeps getting inflated more and more and the 'ribs' press out like they're trying to make my stomach explode.

I've gained about 20 pounds since Fall (From ~200 to 220 - I'm 5'8). For new year's I decided to cut out dairy, bread, preservatives, sugar and anything carbonated - basically semi paleo. I was thinking I might be lactose intolerant or something. Since New year's I've only been able to get down to 212lbs. I started measuring just my abdomen - at the bellybutton and at the biggest part of my lower abdomen. it went from 44 inches and 46 inches on February 4th, to 46.5 and 47.5 inches on February 17th.

My constant diarrhea changed to near-constipation and I have an incredible amount of gas and gas pains in my stomach during the day. I started getting a ton of pain in my left heel, especially in the morning when I try to walk - I have to walk on my tiptoes on my left foot for a while. I also have the urge to pee A LOT. It's not like a UTI where you have burning or anything like that, but instead it's that feeling when you haven't been able to find a bathroom and your bladder just starts to hurt and feel really heavy/lots of pressure. It wakes me up in the middle of the night every night. This is also awkward but by midday my underwear is wet as if I peed myself a little (not discharge, it's definitely urine).

A few weeks ago I started to feel a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen/left pelvic area. I finally thought - it must be an ovary - why else would I be skipping every other period? Don't the ovaries alternate releasing an egg? My mom had a benign ovarian cyst removed a couple years ago that was the size of a pineapple (she also got her ovaries removed and a hysterectomy). I texted my mom and said hey I think I have a pineapple cyst, lol. I decided to suck it up and just go to the ER last week. I expressed my concerns about bloating and abdominal pain and said I'm pretty sure it's an ovarian cyst, after doing research.

To my relief, she said she would give me an exterior and interior ultrasound to check for anything dangerous, but that my bloating was probably a GI issue. She asked if I drink soda and what I ate. I said I ate mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, and fish. She tried explaining to me that vegetables cause gas. Oh THANKS. Like I've never eaten a damn vegetable before in my almost-30 years of living. After the trans vaginal ultrasound I was told I have a 2cm dermoid (solid) cyst on my left ovary.

I was also told the same thing I'm told EVERY TIME I pee in a cup. "Your urine sample was contaminated, but there were white blood cells so you probably have a bladder infection, here's three days of antibiotics." I took them for the 3 days and drank my weight in cranberry juice and coconut water, and I feel exactly the same a week later.

I've been sleeping with a bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in a pillowcase. I sleep on my stomach and have for years, so that's a hard habit to break. I also wake up in the middle of the night with a dead hand, so that's weird (not the pins and needles asleep feeling, just a paralyzed hand so I can't grab my phone on my night stand to check the time lol). My hair texture has changed - it's a lot more dry, tangly, frizzy, lots more split ends - and lots more gray hairs are popping up. I eat small meals because I fill up quickly - lunch is usually okay but I haven't felt like eating dinner at all. I also find it very hard to breathe after just walking outside to my car, or even rolling over in bed or bending over to pick something up - it feels like I just sprinted down a hallway.

So my questions for anyone who stuck with me this far - why am I having ALL of these issues for a measly 2 centimeter cyst? Is it possible there's something going on elsewhere that the ultrasound wouldn't see? I have an appointment with a gynecologist this Friday. It's a male gynecologist which I've never had, but I wasn't going to complain since, after much persistence, they were able to move my appointment up from the original date of March 25th. How do I voice all my concerns without being told oh, you ate a vegetable that's all. Oh, it's fine, we'll just watch it, etc? I'm the kind of person who avoids doctors at all costs, and being brushed off when I finally go makes me want to never go back. What tests should I try asking for?

I'm worried about ovarian cancer since all these symptoms seem to fit, plus I have some risk factors - no children, started menstruation early (age 11), not on hormonal birth control, obese. Is it possible to have all these ovarian cancer type symptoms from one little cyst? It's been hard going to sleep at night and focusing on my new job because of all this - I think about it all day!

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