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Post leep question
Sep 10, 2004
... How long did you wait before you had sex, after the LEEP? ... (14 replies)
Sex after Leep?
Apr 9, 2008
... was done in the doctor's office with no anaesthesia. While not the most comfortable procedure in the world, I didn't find it exceptionally painful by any means. After the LEEP I had some cramping and light bleeding for 2 days. 2 advil the day of the procedure eliminated the pain, and I have had no pain since. ... (1 replies)
... I went to the doc... I expressed my concern about being examined again causing more bleeding. Doc explained that the bleeding came from the scab coming off too early not the examination. ... (8 replies)

... I'm new here. I see that a lot of you have been through the whole abnormal pap, colp, LEEP thing so hopefully somebody might be able to help me out. ... (1 replies)
... I had a LEEP two years ago. I was very worried when, even after waiting a month to heal after the LEEP, I bled every time after having sex. I kept waiting "a few more weeks" to see if I just needed more time to heal. ... (2 replies)
... Almost 9 years ago, while pregnant with my oldest child I had my first ever papsmear, which came back abnormal. After my daughter was born the pap was repeated and resulted in my having a colpo and a LEEP. ... (2 replies)
LEEP today
May 6, 2009
... grade area removed" so we'll do a pap in four months but margins were clear and the leep confirmed the colpo which confirmed the pap so we're all on the same page. ... (11 replies)
... I'm sorry you're in such pain! I feel for ya! I just had a LEEP recently, and I have experienced a difference in menstration, cramps, etc. However, mine was less than a month ago. And it sounds like you are still bleeding quite a lot. ... (9 replies)
LEEP today
May 6, 2009
... Could the bleeding be your period? ... (11 replies)
... I had Leep a month and half ago. I wasn't bleeding initially but about 2 weeks afterward I was bleeding like crazy. ... (3 replies)
... I had almost no bleeding or cramping for the first few days. ... (2 replies)
... All of a sudden I'm having bleeding after sex, during also, that lasts for a day or two. ... (1 replies)
... I'm having a period, I'm not still bleeding after the LEEP. And it's not so painful, the problem I'm having is much heavier bleeding. ... (9 replies)
... and i was asleep. It was a very good experience. I was very alert after I woke up and it didn't even feel like I had surgery. It is now two days after surgery and I still have no pain or any side effects. I have a very very slight discharge but nothing a panty liner couldn't handle. ... (19 replies)
... Hi i am 25 and just had my first and hopfully last LEEP on Friday the 5...scary yes but my doctor was great I unfortunatly wasnt given anything for the pain! He is 99. ... (0 replies)
Vaginal bleeding
May 10, 2007
... I had a LEEP in January and from that point on I have been having vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement. This sounds so odd. I mentioned this to my doctor the first time it happened and she thought I must be mistaken. ... (0 replies)
... Imm 22 yrs old and i had my leep just go weeks ago. All the emotion is stressing me like no tomorrow. if it is ok im going to write a list of the things i hate about how you feel after a leep. ... (11 replies)
... I bled a lot like you are describing after my LEEP. I had a LEEP cone and it was quite aggressive. I bled heavily for 3 weeks. ... (11 replies)
... hello i had my leep in july also and i have the same thing happen to me after sex.also i have light bleeding after a bm if i like have to strain but just on tolet paper no pouring blood ever. ... (14 replies)
... and had some mild cramping and bleeding. I went back to work and my patient fell and I picked her up that was about 4 days after the procedure now I am spotting alot cramping terrible and today the 15th I past a blood clot I wonder if that is normal to pass clots. ... (0 replies)

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