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... In 2000 I had a LEEP after my PAP came back abnormal and the coloscopy showed CIN3 with HPV. I was one of those rare ones that had post procedure bleeding complications. I am also one of the unlucky ones that had cervical incompetence after the LEEP. ... (1 replies)
Post Leep
Jan 23, 2011
... I have read a lot of the posts on here about LEEP, and I wanted to first tell you my experience and then ask a couple questions. ... (0 replies)
... Then I was scheduled for a Colpo on May 14. They did a Colpospic exam on me and also did a biopsy. ... (18 replies)

... I had a LEEP in January. My period started just a few hours before the procedure. My doctor went ahead and performed the LEEP. About 12 hours after the LEEP I started bleeding and by the next day I was passing large clots and tissue. 36 hours from the LEEP I hemorrhaged. I was able to get to my doctor's office. ... (5 replies)
My Leep
May 13, 2006
... mpletly. Then everyone left the room and I was alone waiting for the Dr. He finally came in with another nurse. He started preparing for the leep. The nurse put a patch on my leg so I would be grounded. The Dr put vinegar on my cervix so he could see the cells better. He then gave me four shots to numb my cervix. ... (2 replies)
Problems post LEEP
Oct 10, 2005
... I feel so horrible for you. I hope the bleeding has stopped. After my leep I did have the discharge and slight spotting. Whatever they did was incorrect and I would keep on top of them. ... (2 replies)
LEEP Results
Aug 14, 2008
... Then she said, "you need to come in and see Dr. H." They wouldn't give me a copy of the actual report until AFTER I spoke with the doctor. ... (10 replies)
... If it makes you feel any better.......I experienced the EXACT issues you are experiencing. My LEEP procedure was done almost six weeks ago. I went through the extra applying of the Monsel, vaginal packing, etc........none of which worked. ... (10 replies)
... I had spotting off and on after sex too. I had my Leep in Augest. My results came back CIN II was removed with extension of CIN I at the margin. My post pap after Leep was abnormal but mild. I also have a little spotting around 8 to 10 days before my period. Very light and only a few days. ... (2 replies)
... HELP! I have a LEEP scheduled for June 27 and I'm scared. The doc told me that I have CIN 3 and wants to do the LEEP and feels sure everything will ok from there. Is that true? ... (8 replies)
Leep last week
Feb 20, 2005
... but it is very similar. When I had my colpo, I had no spotting or brownish discharge for 2 days immediately after the colpo. The discharge happened after the 3rd day when I had exerted myself a bit. ... (8 replies)
... i had my leep done in november....i bled until right after christmas off and on. i also had black discharge, but everything is fine now. i am going on monday for a followuo pap smear. i had the leep cone done... ... (4 replies)
... c of the cramping. Also, the bleeding has slowed to a normal level. I never thought I'd be thankful for my period! ... (22 replies)
... I was just wondering if anyone had fatigue after the leep. I started getting tired about 6 days after my leep and need to take a nap. I just feel wiped out a few hours after waking in the morning. I know I am healing, and my bleeding haas been LESS than my period so I dont know if this is related to the procedure. ... (4 replies)
After LEEP worries
May 22, 2004
... This is my first time on here. I fell a bit nervous. I had moderate cervical Dysplasia, I had the LEEP procedure about 4 weeks ago. I have been reading that it is recomended not to insert anything into the vagina for four weeks. My DR. only said 10 days. ... (3 replies)
... dn't get, so that night it happened I called a hospital for some med advice and the nurse told me the same thing over the phone, but never heard of it coming out after the LEEP, but if your really not sure ask your doc but Im pretty sure thats all it was. ... (11 replies)
... hi this sounds the same as what happen to me so i wouldn't worry and the bleeding last about 2? ... (1 replies)
Leep Question
May 12, 2009
... Leep 2 weeks ago today. And I have only had spotting really up until the last 2 days. Heavy Bleeding the last 2 days. I got the flu on Thursday and I have been coughing really hard like crazy. ... (1 replies)
... done two weeks ago at a Hospital and today was the 2 week follow up appt. with the test results. The results were not what I had been hoping for, but it could have been worse. ... (8 replies)
... month period. Two different doctors could not really see any lesions so I had a LEEP in January. The LEEP revealed I had CIN II and unfortunately it was in the margins. I had a pap at the end of May and after all this it was still LGSIL. ... (10 replies)

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