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... I had a cervical biopsy done two months ago, it showed stage 0 cervical cancer. ... (0 replies)
... When I had my colpo, the doctor said that the stuff they use to stop bleeding from the biopsy can come out looking like little crumbles of hamburger...yucky, but completely normal, nothing to worry about. ... (12 replies)
... I had colposcopy and biobsy and I had a lot of bleeding. He put the stuff in there to stop the bleeding but also put in a tampon that he told me to take out in 3 hours. I did that and still bled some and I did see the coffee ground stuff that he discribed. ... (11 replies)

... Hi all. I had a colposcopy and cervical biopsy on Friday afternoon after an abnormal pap. ... (11 replies)
... I had a cervical biopsy done two months ago, it showed stage 0 cervical cancer. ... (0 replies)
... As long as you aren't running any more fevers, the bleeding is light, and it lestens in the next day or two, it is probably ok. ... (1 replies)
... m right as mine advised me not to put ANYTHING in there, including tampons, for a few weeks afterward. That's why usually the doctor will give you a pad to wear after the appointment for any bleeding issues from the biopsy. ... (2 replies)
... After my colposcopy I dealt with the discharge for about 5 days. It's kinda gross and a pain to deal with but normal. I even had some bleeding for a couple of the days. ... (12 replies)
... s said they'd pack and remove the packing before I left to make sure I was Ok. If they did I'd go back, they need to remove it so they can determine the level of bleeding and what to do next. ... (2 replies)
Cervical Cancer
Dec 15, 2003
... Technically, a doctor really can't determine whether or not you have cervical cancer just because a pap came back inconclusive. How does he know it has traveled up into her uterus? ... (13 replies)
... A PAP should effectively rule out cervical cancer or dysplasia. If you have a normal PAP result and you're still not satisfied that you don't have cervical cancer, request a colposcopy or biopsy. ... (4 replies)
... where she puts the swab into the cervical opening to collect cells. ... (4 replies)
... partum after a normal pap. ... (14 replies)
Cervical Issues
Nov 20, 2008
... Back in late April early May I had three procedures. A Colposcopy, then a LEEP and then finally a cold cone biopsy. After all 3 I had major issues with bleeding and after the biopsy I was hospitalized for loosing 5 pints of blood. ... (5 replies)
... I just posted this on the women's health board, but after reading some posts here, thought I'd add it with a few edits on this board as well... ... (4 replies)
... Im somewhat in the same boat. I had the colposcopy and cervical biopsies. ... (11 replies)
... I am new here... and I need your help. I was bleeding after sex for no reason, it was painless. ... (0 replies)
... thanks to all who posted a reply to my thread yesterday right it is all my own fault i have a smear when i was 18 and have not had one for 12 years i got really bad with my nerves at got to a stage where i could not get out the house so put it off i had bleeding after sex and some strange disgarge and thought it was time to go so i went when the nurse did the pap i bleed... (1 replies)
... Ok so I have a question and need some help. I am so sorry if any of this sounds to be to graphic. I had a colposcope and biopsy done last Thursday. That day I had some bleeding and cramping. The next couple days after that I had a bunch of that coffee ground looking stuff coming out. ... (11 replies)
... I haven't been in your situaton. However, a return of cervical dysplasia is certainly possible. Irregular bleeding is one of the first signs. I wouldn't fear cancer right away but i do think your treatment has been questionable, at best. ... (1 replies)

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