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... Anyway, I had some heavy bleeding this week after intercourse. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks viking. Your update gave me some hope. I just had my first pap smear today and the doc said my cervix was bleeding and that scared me. I googled and found your thread here on health board and decided to register. I will update when my results are out. ... (4 replies)
... At least I know that it is becoming more of a standard procedure. I thank you for that bit of information. I've got to call and make the appointment for the vaginal ultrasound. It will be a nerve wracking couple of weeks while I wait for the results from the pap smear/HPV and sonogram! Barbara (4 replies)

... It is a separate test from the pap. The pap and HPV test combine give a significantly better impression of what is going on in the cervix than either test alone. ... (4 replies)
... C procedure, never had an abnormal pap smear result, but until last month had not had a pap smear in 5 years. ... (1 replies)
... It will tell you what type of cells were sampled, and what type of atypical cells are found. I thought I understoond that a huge percent of atpypica cells on a pap are caused by HPV. I'm curious as to how the nurse knows those cells are not HPV. ... (1 replies)
... I have had normal pap test up until this year. I am 36 years old and have two daughters. I had my first high risk HPV test show positive last Aug 2010 but the pap was normal. After that visit I my periods stopped for 4 months and the Dr. gave me MedroxyPROGESTERone Acetate. ... (3 replies)
... Ugh, what a pain! I'm so sorry to hear about the CIN III...and it sucks that they couldn't get the entire lesion out of there in 1 surgery! I guess that's what I'm afraid biopsies show CIN I but my symptoms (e.g. postcoital bleeding) are so suggestive of something worse. I had a small freak-out during a 2nd opinion with another ob-gyn and he suggested we do another... (6 replies)
... having pain during sex. Sometimes it feels like my boyfriend can't push in because I am so swollen. ... (2 replies)
... I went to my local Planned Parenthood for my first pap smear in 8 years. I don't know why I waited so long, and only went because I was having irregular periods, and spotting for up to 2 weeks after starting my period. ... (7 replies)
What next?
Dec 30, 2007
... after intercourse which caught me off guard because I was not on my period and have never experienced bleeding during intercourse before. ... (3 replies)
... o tomorrow. No pap smear in 14 years. I was a victim of sexual abuse, along with other issues. But, I am kicking myself for avoiding it for so long. ... (9 replies)
... I went to a different gyno and had a LEEP. In this time I was still taking the Betamannan. The doctor burnt off the lumps during surgery and took one for biopsy. It came back to be molluscum contagiosum... ... (9 replies)
... Im really sorry to hear what your going threw and i can tell you i dont have the answers but i know i bled upto 8 weeks with some of my babies and had a pap smear 6 weeks after my last with bad results and yes they do say it takes 10_15 years for precancerus cells to turn to cancer. but all i can tell you is to see another doctor it's always the best thing to do if your not... (2 replies)
... Following my annual OBGYN exam, my doctor called me and told me that my pap smear had come back atypical. ... (9 replies)
... I have just recently gotten high grade abnormal results back from my pap smear and have been told I must have a colposcopy urgently. ... (12 replies)
... I had a pap smear during a visit to determine the cause of abnormal bleeding I had been experiencing for several months. The pap smear showed abnormal cells, I had biopsies done during a colposcopy and those results came back with a diagnosis of CINIII. ... (2 replies)
... I had two abnormal pap smears showing mild dysplasia with HPV present in April and May of 2012. ... (2 replies)
... copy last week. My first one and i was so nervous about it i was throwing up blood and crying constantly! I was worried it would hurt because i too had a painful pap smear. ... (5 replies)
... I'm chronically constipated to the point of hemorrhoids and bleeding from my rectum as the constipation continues. ... (0 replies)

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