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... and it's not always a burning sensation... ... (12 replies)
... I would also like to mention that a lot of the time it's not a burning sensation, just a generic pain. ... (12 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone out there with Ovarian Cancer had a burning sensation in your pelvic area, particularly after you urinate. I've never seen this listed as a symptom and I was wondering if any of you had it. ... (12 replies)

... I have had first hand experience with ovrian Grandma died from it last July. Burning while you pee is not a symptom. That is a urinary tract infection. Out of curiousity, what are the several other symptms you have had? ... (12 replies)
... I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 years ago. I have never experianced any burning except before I had cancer and I had a bladder infection. But everyone reacts a little different. ... (12 replies)
Ovarian Cancer?
Dec 23, 2013
... was sick from worrying. I am about to just take myself to the ER before i lose my mind. If i had ovarian cancer would the back pain and what i thought was maybe pelvis pain go away? ... (4 replies)
... Hello everyone! I am curious how many of you with cervical cancer had a previous issue and had the LEEP procedure done? Since June I've had a recurring backache with migrating joint/bone pain, abdominal issues (IBS type), fatigue, etc. I am hypothyroid but my levels are close to normal, though a little low still. About a month ago, the backache increased in intensity... (0 replies)
... Hi! Sorry it took so long to get back to you all. My U/S came back normal. I guess I will have to keep digging to figure out where the pain is coming from...althought I now feel the IBS or the fibromyaglia is probably the culprit. Thank you to everyone who prayed and showed support. I really appreciate it. A. (12 replies)
... So Alesis...I'm curious how your ultrasound went. I hope you got good news. (12 replies)
... Now I'm freaking out. I got a call from my endrocrinologist, who said that my labs were normal and that my abnormal periods are not being caused by my PCOS. He advised me that I should talk to my gyn and that he really wants to see her report. Since this was a voicemail and he didn't leave a number to call him back on, I had no way of letting him know that I will be having the... (12 replies)
... Burning sensation in pelvis? ... (4 replies)
... Thank you both for your replies. :) I believe it's in the area of my left ovary. Regarding endometriosis: I'll talk to my gyn about that. I have tried BC pills and can't take them because they aggravate my anxiety. :( I've tried several different types, including the patch and had the same effect every time. It says "pelvic pain between periods" but I wonder if pain... (12 replies)
... I have multi cyst on both ovaries. They can flare up and cause the symptoms that you are describing. I was given birth control to help with the cyst. After a few years I had to switch the BC pills cause my body became use to them and the pains came back. It can still be a bladder infection even though the pain is when you finish urination. Some of the things you... (12 replies)
... the pain on the left side, is it right where your left ovary would be? could it be colon spasms? I've been having pains off and on right there since mid Dec, somedays I don't have it, other days its all day long off and on. my gyn doctor wrote it off as colon spasms. my primary care doctor has ordered me an ultrasound and a lower abdominal x-ray because she didn't feel it... (12 replies)
... I also would like to add that I sometimes get the pelvic pain when I do get my menses. In fact, I had the pain today when I got my menses. I also experienced lower back pain. All the pain was on the left hand side. A. (12 replies)
... Hi, A week before my last period, I had a sharp, stabbing pelvic pain two days in a row (one episode lasted for 10 minutes and the next lasted for 1 minute). They may have been gas-related, as I did get some relief after passing gas. Two days before beginning my period, I started having twinges in the area of my left ovary/next to my left hip accompanied by a dull back... (2 replies)

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