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... I was just diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma last month. I am having a cone biopsy this Wednesday to remove the cancer and to determine if the cancer is invasive or not. ... (80 replies)
... Is cervical adenocarcinoma the same as severe dysplasia with glandular involvement high in the cervix? ... (1 replies)
... Today's paper had an informative article on this rarer form of cervical cancer. It said basically that the HPV virus has been found to be the main risk factor associated with Adenocarcinoma. ... (4 replies)

... As for the remaining cervix, unfortunately yes, adenocarcinoma can recur.... ... (7 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with both squamous cell carcinoma and endocervical adenocarcinoma in situ. ... (80 replies)
... e done about 2 weeks ago to remove the dysplasia or abnormal cells that were on my cervix. My doctor called me today with the test results and told me that I had adenocarcinoma in situ. Of course I got all nervous and thought it meant I had cervical cancer and was going to die! ... (80 replies)
... Hi there -- Glad the results came back as they did, and not to scare anyone, but my first (and only) abnormal pap didn't even show suspicion for glandular problems. I also had a uterine biopsy six months before my cancer diagnosis and that came back as negative. So like Pickle said, I hope they did an ECC on her to see exactly what's going on in the cervical canal, since... (8 replies)
... Tamar84 - here is an abstract from a research study that specifically addresses your situation (AIS not found in the initial colposcopy but then found in the leep). You might want to ask about your margin status if they didn't describe it to you. Keep in mind when reading these types of articles that there is still a great deal of debate about treatment for AIS Gynecol... (80 replies)
... Adenocarcinoma in situ litereally means adenocarcinoma "in place". Some doctors consider it precancerous, other doctors refer to it as Stage 0 cancer. ... (80 replies)
... ew to this site, and was hoping maybe someone who has been through this might have some advice for me. After a abnormal pap and a biopsy my doctor told me I have Cervical Adenocarcimona. I believe he said it was Adenocarcinoma in situ? ... (13 replies)
... They have had me on antibiotics four times with no effect. I am concerned because I should not be symptomatic if the adenocarcinoma is not invasive, and am worried that they will miss something if they go in blind. ... (80 replies)
... From all I've read, the basic differentiation between Adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS) and Carcinoma in situ (CIS) is that AIS is the glandular level cells and CIS could be any one of a variety of the forms of cancer, most commonly the cancer of the squamous cells in cervical abnormalities (which tends to be less invasive and easier to detect than AIS). This may be inaccurate... (80 replies)
... I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma stage Ia1 in April of 2008. I was 44 at the time and had no plans to have children. ... (13 replies)
... HI there -- welcome, and sorry to hear about your diagnosis. If you have adenocarcinoma in situ, you don't have invasive cancer, and this is often also called Stage 0 cancer (also AIS for short). Generally when AIS is detected through a biopsy the next step is a cold knife cone (CKC) procedure so that the margins can be better assessed. It's very similar to a LEEP... (13 replies)
... If you go to and do a search on adenocarcinoma in situ cervix, you will get a list of abstracts from scientific research articles on the subject. ... (80 replies)
... My doc told me today that I have adenocarcinoma in situ.... and she said that at my age, 22, it isn't very likely that I have much to worry about. ... (80 replies)
... I also was diagnosed recently with adenocarcinoma. My Gyn found it after a colposcopy, (when my regular pap came back with atypical cells). After a consult with her she referred me to a gyn/onc immediateley. From there I had a cone biopsy 2 weeks ago. The margins came back positive for adenocarcinoma, however the dr. did tell me that it wasn't invasive yet, and still in it's... (80 replies)
... ps" all your life. Well, I had my conization 2 weeks ago and was very lucky to have clear margins! I was so excited but I also know that there is a chance this adenocarcinoma can come back. The conization is not bad at all... you will be a little crampy for a little bit and will have some bleeding but that is about it. ... (80 replies)
... I had squamous cell, but I wanted to let you know if you use the search tools on this forum, and key in adenocarcinoma in situ you will find several posts from women who have experienced this. ... (80 replies)
... Hey Jennifer. Sorry you are going through this, but you definitely have come to the right place! The ladies on this board are cervical issues experts!!! ... (14 replies)

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