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... my mum died aged 36 of cervical cancer and so did her mother. So i really can't stop thinking that this is the start of cervical cancer. ... (13 replies)
Cervical cancer
Jan 16, 2009
... Good point! Rather than "by having sex" I should have said "had any sexual activity". (8 replies)
Cervical cancer
Jan 14, 2009
... Cervical cancer occurs in the cervix, and only women have that organ, they are the only ones who can get cervical cancer. ... (8 replies)

... or do u think it might be cervical cancer? ... (7 replies)
Cervical Cancer
Aug 20, 2007
... Yes, you should be getting vaginal vault pap smears for the rest of your life at least yearly if not every 6 months. Cervical cancer can spread within the vaginal vault and, if not caught early by vault smears, spread elsewhere in your abdomen. ... (3 replies)
... A new study from Johns Hopkins University has discovered a visual screening method for cervical cancer. This method for screening may prove to be effective in developing countries, where costs of traditional cervical cancer screening is high. ... (5 replies)
... Of course not! Are you really going to say to a woman who has had a negative hpv test and cervical tumor that she can safely assume that she is NOT going to have cancer from her current dysplasia when a tumor is already visible? ... (34 replies)
... e hpv test. What I am reading is that if someone tests negative on an hpv test, this does NOT mean that person is not experiencing some kind of cell changes or cervical cancer. There are several instances that I know of women receiving a negative hpv test and they HAVE cervical cancer. ... (34 replies)
... Obviously we were posting at the same time. Well, since there is not one other identifiable CAUSE of cervical cancer PERIOD, I will assume that you are much better versed in this subject than I. Period. ... (34 replies)
... it can be concluded that the current population of cervical cancers is caused by HPV, and NOT DES. ... (34 replies)
... or any other type of cancer, you usually found out about it right before you died. In developing nations this is still the case today. People die of cervical cancer all the time because they couldn't get a pap, even if they knew what one was. ... (34 replies)
... Paps will not prevent Cervical Cancer. A Pap is a test. ... (3 replies)
... I hope I can answer some of your questions. First, you do NOT have cervical cancer. ... (7 replies)
... Please dear, stay calm. I am also 32 with no children and have CIN-1, high-risk cancer and herpes (a risk factor for cancer). I will have a LEEP in September. I understand exactly how you feel. The most important thing now is stay optimistic and do a lot of research like I see you are doing. Here are the answers to your questions: (7 replies)
... risk for cervical cancer. ... (1 replies)
... y my hormones are all messes up and need to be regulated and he thinks the menstrual changes have to do with that. I told him abouut my concerns with could it be cervical cancer and he said im too young. He said in the 30 yeara hes been working hes never diagnosed a 24 year old with cervical cancer. ... (1 replies)
... blown cervical cancer only two years later. ... (6 replies)
... st like being the victim. Some people like that sort of thing. Also ask to see the test result she had showing no HPV exposure ever in her life. And know that cervical cancer is a slow grower, when you test positive it was probably growing for years prior to the test finally detecting it. ... (6 replies)
... Wow, I didn't realize that. It makes sense. (10 replies)
... however it is important to understand that the recommendation is based on a financial model. That model takes into account there will be women who will develop cervical cancer within that three year period, but the cost of treating those women is less than the cost of providing a yearly Pap for all women. ... (10 replies)

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