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... There is another type of cervical polyp, though, which is rarer. ... (10 replies)
... Hi all.. I am having a few symptoms that point towards cervical cancer and was looking for some guidance. ... (10 replies)
Cervical mucus :(
Mar 11, 2010
... I had a trachelectomy about a year ago, and like what happened with you, no one ever mentioned anything about cervical mucus ever being an issue. ... (6 replies)

... for cervical and vaginal cancers. ... (1 replies)
... have an assuption that the pap will detect all bad cervical changes. The truth is, it doesn't. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone I am Mindy, 20 year old stay at home mom. This may be way out there but can someone on methadone have a surgery for cervical cancer? ... (1 replies)
... Well, let's see... Recently I have been worried about having cervical cancer. ... (3 replies)
... My sister was diagnosed with cervical cancer 3 yrs. ago, she had a radical hyst. She has been going for check ups every 3 months and all has been well, today she got a result that said she has A.S.C. ... (2 replies)
... I can't remember exactly how I've read that cervical cancer is staged, but i know it is differently than other cancers. ... (2 replies)
... Wed Jan 16 , my doctor performed a colpscopy and determined just by looking, I had cervical cancer. He sent the biopsy marked urgent, but I still may have to wait 2 weeks. ... (7 replies)
Cervical Cancer
Aug 19, 2007
... Oh Lord!! I had the same problem and I was diagnosed with stage 3b Cervical Cancer in January....PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE... go see your doctor or go somewhere else....but PLEASE get a pap test as soon as possible.. ... (3 replies)
... t at 33 years old that I had my first abnormal pap. That was 10 months before my dx. They told me that I had some abnormal cells and that I shouldn't worry, that cervical cancer takes YEARS to develop. They told me they would just do a leep after I had the baby and I would be fine. ... (15 replies)
... Obviously we were posting at the same time. Well, since there is not one other identifiable CAUSE of cervical cancer PERIOD, I will assume that you are much better versed in this subject than I. Period. ... (34 replies)
... what about the women who have been diagnosed with a cervical cancer and tested negative for hpv? ... (34 replies)
... onsider all of the options carefully, but it is a fact that in countries where we have pap screanings and procedures such as LEEP, women are only rarely dying of cervical cancer. These procedures save lives. Paps and LEEPS and cones and biopsies have most certainly saved the lives of many women on this board. ... (34 replies)
... To my knowledge, cervical cancer, now a days, can, for sure be prevented. ... (3 replies)
... I would think if you have advanced Stage 4 cervical cancer, there will be something seen on the cervix. If you do a search for cervical cancer photos online, you can probably get some more information. ... (9 replies)
... Ivana, I have gone faithfully for paps every year since 1992. Everything was fine until this past March. My pap came back with abnormal cells and since then it has progressed so that I go back on the 15th of March to discuss a date for a hystorectomy. I am only 33 but I am done with having any more children. At least I did go every year and get tested because if I didnt... (19 replies)
... appears in those who hadn't had a pap in 5 years or more. That means that truly a majority of all cervical cancers are preventable. ... (19 replies)
... Its interesting that you should mention this. I have had two friend in college who have had problems such as this. One had cervical cancer that required surgery pretty quickly so I don't recall her being told anything about her partner not smoking. ... (7 replies)

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