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Cin ii/leep
Nov 28, 2012
... very nervous as this is my first time having an abnormal pap, and the coloposcopy. My pap came back as "low grade" and the colpo said it was already moderate and CIN II so I'm pretty confused. ... (4 replies)
... I am not going to die. CIN is not cancer. We have caught it early enough that we will not die! ... (3 replies)
Cin Ii/iii
May 20, 2004
... will a leep not hurt my fertility? ... (2 replies)

... one LEEP is probably going to be less of a problem overall than repeated colposcopies. ... (12 replies)
... Hello Pickle Eyes, Thank you so much for your reply. What you went through sounds *so* much worse, I know I would have been scared to death.... I have considered a gyn/oncologist - but haven't tried to find one yet. The next step in my current plan is to go for a second opinion with a different ob/gyn (next week). I'm hoping to find one that I'm more comfortable with... (12 replies)
... Here's some more positive. My LEEP results came back as only CIN II. I didn't have any CIN III! Mine came back better than the biopsy results. They also got clear margins. ... (3 replies)
... s are one way of grading dysplasia. CIN I is mild dysplasia. ... (5 replies)
... Hi. I was diagnosed with the same and worse at the same time. CIN II and CIN III. I have had numerous colposcopies from the "wait and see" method... ... (12 replies)
... pap smears can't diagnose CIN levels. What they can do is suggest that those levels of dysplasia might be present. You will know so much more about the dysplasia you have after the colpo. ... (2 replies)
... (((Hugs Bean))) I'm sorry you are having to deal with this, but I am glad you have found us! I have never experienced anything like what you've described, but I was EXTREMELY anxious when I learned I was high risk HPV positive, had to have a colpo and ECC, a cone biopsy, and a hysterectomy. With CIN II, you might consider getting an appointment with a gyn/oncologist. ... (12 replies)
Cin Iii/leep
Feb 5, 2005
... showed signs os CIN II. ... (3 replies)
... gyn for a LEEP consultation. ... (12 replies)
... Hello, I was scheduled to have leep procedure for my moderate to severe dysplasia two weeks ago and at the hospital they did pregnancy test. ... (1 replies)
Cin ii/leep
Dec 10, 2012
... and just had a LEEP done on Friday. ... (4 replies)
... I know how u feel. I had a colposcopy last week and it came back CINII, the doc wasn't available to give me the results, but a nurse explained to me as much as she knew. With CIN II it is saying that you have elevated abnormal cell(NOT cancer) and they want to take a further look. It is weird though that they told you to come back in 3-4 months cause the doc that oversees... (5 replies)
Cin ii/leep
Dec 12, 2012
... I had the leep done recently and did not know what to expect except for the really rubbish guide they provide you with, here is my experience.. ... (4 replies)
Cin ii/leep
Dec 10, 2012
... I had both the LEEP and ended up doing Cryo, too. All BEFORE my children were born. I have two beautiful girls sitting in my living room. Both that I carried and delivered. ... (4 replies)
Cin ii/leep
Dec 10, 2012
... try to get cryosurgery instead of the leep (4 replies)
... jovial, warm doctor. She glances at my medical charts and says, "Well I see you've come in to talk about getting a LEEP done for your CIN II. ... (36 replies)
... This type of LEEP is more conservative and does NOT affect the cervical canal, causing less complications. I never even heard of a shallow leep! ... (36 replies)

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