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... Julie, I'm a freak of nature, I guess. I've ALWAYS had my pap (since I was 19 and I am now 45) and I have NEVER had a bad pap. How would you know if it is in the glands? The results would say "glandular something-or-other lesions" or it might say "columnar" instead of "glandular". Your results say "squamous", if I remember correctly. Squamous cells are the outer... (18 replies)
... Hi, What is immunosuppression, hsv2? And how do you know if you are either ? I just found out I am hrhpv ( a month ago), and this is the first abnormal pap I have ever had( I am 41). I just met with him. He said he could see in the canal (I just had two kids in under 15 mos), and that it was on the entrance in the transitional zone. He said he actually believes that he... (18 replies)
... Wait! Before you submit to a cone for CIN 1 (!) ask him if he can visualize the entire lesion! If he can, there is no reason to get a cone! You can have a top hat ablation, as I did. A cone and a LEEP are different. A cone is just that...removing a cone shaped portion of the cervix. It's the most invasive procedure short of hysterectomy. It can be shallow or deep, but it is... (18 replies)

... Hello, THANK you both so much for replying. I am so upset right now because my doctor is not communicating with me obviously. The first time I had an abnormal pap was on 9/29/08, I has ascus and then was told because I have high risk hpv, to have a colposcopy ( which I had on 10/24). I have the test results they say the following : Cervix, 3 oclock biopsy Low grade... (18 replies)
... Hi JCA, may I ask how your doctor determined you have CINI in the canal? Did you get a copy of that pathology report? It sounds like your doctor might suspect glandular lesions. If so, then that could account for the doctor being more aggressive. I had a colpo with an ECC. The colpo was fine so the doctor didn't take any biopsies. The ECC was done "just to check." ... (18 replies)
... Kitkat83, Congradulations on your pregnancy. :) "The doctor I have only did a pap and said the results were normal. I don't really trust the guy so much" I'm not here to raise the hair on the back of your neck, but, that doctor probably doesn't do the actual test. He just collects the sample and reads the results, to my knowledge. I have one of those doctors. I know... (2 replies)
... lso note that smoking is a HUGE risk for those of us battling HPV as well as having sex with a smoker. The carcinogens get into the man's semen and bathing your cervix with them is a bad idea. ... (18 replies)
... I wasn't thinking about it when I typed last night, a leep doesn't affect your fertility, it affects your cervix and ability to carry a baby to term. Thanks! ... (18 replies)
... Hi Georgina....glad to hear you got through it just fine! :) My follow-up is April 12...I wish us both luck for good paps! (8 replies)
... Hi everybody. I had my cryosurgery done today. It was painless for me, only slight cramping for about an hour afterwards. I am having a lot of leakage, but I'll take that over pain any day :) I asked my doctor bunches and bunches of questions. I thought she was going to get frustrated with me, but she didn't :) I have CIN1 (mild dysplasia) and tested positive for... (8 replies)
... No, the laser is not a LEEP. I also thought that cervix needs more than 2 weeks to heal. I feel like my dr. is rushing me to do it. She has a laser machine in her office, and I have PPO insurance. ... (5 replies)
... Is the laser treatment a LEEP. I had the biopsy during then end of November and then I had my LEEP this past Wednesday. I think your cervix needs more than two weeks to heal. I believe they say to wait at least 4 weeks to have sex or use tampons after the biopsy. ... (5 replies)
... its tomorow! im really nervous. i googled it and found out they really dont do it much anymore and its for CIN3 and above, meanwhile I have CIN1-2!!! Im having 2nd thoughts, but I also know its prob the best but im just soo nervous :( (21 replies)
... my story is two LGSIL paps, one colpo with negative biopsy and CIN1 endocervical currettage. My doctor at the time was very unsupportive, didn't help explain anything, and told me I needed a cone biopsy. ... (2 replies)
... Hello there ! A short hystory of my problem ! -march 2008 pap smear abnormal(easy to moderate dysplasia) -june 2008, pap smear abnormal(moderate to severe dysplasia),colposcopy cin1-cin2, biopsy cin1 and cin 2, hpv pozitive for type 58 -august laser vaporization and a dilatation and curretage(the result of curettage eas good, no dysplasia in canal was found) -september... (19 replies)
... I've read a lot of your posts, and hope you can answer some questions. I know people stress CIN1 can and usually does resolve within 1 year, but if it doesn't, what are the chances it will regress in year 2? ... (6 replies)
Biopsy Result
Apr 7, 2011
... If it is grade 2 or 3, your doctor will probably want to remove the abnormal cells from your cervix so they don't turn into cancer down the road. The most common method of doing this is a procedure called LEEP. ... (2 replies)
Upcoming Leep
Feb 22, 2006
... I haven't posted in a while about my situation. I've been having ongoing CIN1 for over 3 years now. ... (6 replies)
... I had my first abnormal pap 6 months ago - LGSIL - and my gyno shrugged it off and said "don't worry." Had another abnormal pap, and then a colpo and biopsy 4 months later...still don't understand what's going on, and I'm crying and upset all the time :( Please please please, can anyone help me understand my results?? My biopsy results - "chronic inflammation, no CIN" on... (9 replies)
... The abnormal cells in your canal is most likely why your doctor is going for the leep. My colpo showed CIN1 on my cervix and a positive ECC. ... (18 replies)

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