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Jun 5, 2009
... That's exactly it Lori. They can't really tell what it is from the pap smear. (Except your results apparently were'nt that bad since your doctor seems to think it's NOT cancer!) At the colposcopy they will do a biopsy and then tell you what CIN level it is. If had to bet, I'd say your pap was ASCUS: the "US" means "undertermined significance," so that's why they are doing... (25 replies)
... Endocervicitis is inflammation of the endocervix (cervical canal) which is caused by an irritation - usually an infection of some sort or std. Being in Canada, it is unlikely an HPV test would have been run but I would suspect that may be the cause of it given that you have mild dysplasia (CIN1) which is caused by HPV. Mild dysplasia is usually monitored rather than treated,... (5 replies)
... I'm a little bit annoyed that the PA told me that it was CIN1 when there is no association with CIN anywhere on my report and also that there isn't anything like that on the report. This seems really vague. ... (23 replies)

... I agree with simplynat. Most of the evidence points to clearance meaning control of hpv, not clearance meaning eradication of hpv. Personally, I abstained from sex for 6 months after treatment (but I'm not yet sexually active with my new boyfriend, so...) and I don't intend to go bareback again until I've had two years of clear paps and by clear paps I mean negative on both... (9 replies)
Cin 1 and anal sex
Jan 22, 2009
... typically from HPV. I believe that anyone who tests positive for any degree of dysplasia CIN1 or higher should have HPV testing done to determine the strain of HPV involved. ... (3 replies)
Cervival cancer
Nov 27, 2008
... Hi there, just wanted to reassure you that CIN (any level of it) is not cancer. Cervical Cancer is invasive and is usually treated with either hysterectomy, trachelectomy, radiation and/or chemotherapy. CIN (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia) is a level of cervical dysplasia contained within the lining of the cervix - cancer is when these dysplastic cells have broken through... (2 replies)
... I should preference this by saying I am no expert so I'm only sharing my opinions based on my abnormal PAP. I won't comment on the uterus and ovary portion because I simply don't have experience there. The PAP result was ASCUS (atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance). ASCUS is the mildest form of abnormality. The levels are Normal, ASCUS, Low grade... (4 replies)
Jan 10, 2008
... I just went in for a colpo and biopsy for the umpteenth time. I have had CIN1 for 4 years now. I have changed docs a few times because I move around so much and the docs have all taken the wait and see approach. ... (1 replies)
... Lagirl is the perfect person to answer these questions but I can tell you my opinion right now based on what I have learned. I'm currently debating the leep v. cryo approach too. The problem with cryo, besides not getting it all, is an inverted cervix later, where the TZ disappears up the canal making future colpos (if needed) difficult sometimes impossible. (called an... (5 replies)
... At least 3 months, and hopefully closer to 4 must have passed in order for the cervix to heal, otherwise the healing might be misread as bad cells. ... (36 replies)
... Hello again, I posted the other day asking about treatment for CIN1/2 and I wanted to know what other women opted to do to treat this same type of dysplasia. What I would greatly appreciate is hearing your opinions and advice concerning treatment options. I will definitely be seeing a naturopathic gynecologist and nutritionist to try to reverse my mild/moderate... (3 replies)
... are they on the cervix ? ... (3 replies)
Need Advice
Jun 9, 2005
... I am 28 and I had my second leep 6 weeks ago to treat CIN1. I had my first one 4 years ago for the same grade changes. I too was completely distraught when I was told that the abnormal cells had returned as I had naively assumed that after my first leep I would be "cured". All the leep does is remove abnormal cells from the cervix, it does not remove the cause of the... (9 replies)
... one positive for CIN1 and positive ECC followed by a LEEP with clear margins, and then one negative which was done after my first pap post leep surgery. ... (10 replies)
... First off, you shouldn't have a Leep for CIN 1. Many Drs are doing them to early. What ends up happening if you Leeps everytime CIN1 shows up you start to lose size of your cervix. That means greater risk of miscarriage and such. I agree with many I think you need a second opinion. ... (6 replies)
... my doctor wanted me to go for the leep. The pathology report showed that my margins came back clear and I went for a follow up pap in December. My pap came back CIN1 so I went for a colpo yesterday. ... (19 replies)
... ng a leep and laser done together in January. They do the laser if the area is large and they dont want to do a really agressive leep taking off too much of the cervix which makes it riskier for you having kids in the future. ... (14 replies)
... i have worked great......been dysplasia free for 8 years good luck! (9 replies)
... My gyn just said this is the best treatment for my CIN1-2, since its a larger area around the outside of the cervix. She says its becoming more popular, less invasive but just as effective, and they can do a cone with it if they find its necessary , or just the laser ablation. I dont see many posts on this ,so wondering if anyone has had this? Any disadvantages? I had a cin... (9 replies)
... Cryo is less invasive but less effective. Its used for slight abnormalities, on the outside of the cervix only - not near the center or canal. I had it done years ago and now im back to CIN1-2. All my dr's have said leep is most effective and very low risk, and many people with cryo have to do it over and over and many times end up with the leep too......although if your... (8 replies)

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