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Aug 18, 2009
... Hi can anyone help me, i have had the leep procedure done but my gyno said that i have more abnormal cells high up in the cervical canal,because i had a 12 pound ovarian cyst removed he thought i was not strong enough for another big operation at that time,since then i have had two check ups at hospital both came back neg, but when you have a coloscopy they cant see high up... (3 replies)
What is cin 111
May 27, 2009
... what is CIN111 and i had a cone biopsy on 20th April 2009 until then i am still having a heavy bleeding with clots of blood (2 replies)
What is cin111
Oct 6, 2008
... This definately puts you in a FOG. It's so much information suddenly. That's why I was happy I found this board. It's offered a great deal of advice, feedback and most of all support. I've had to take a break for a while but I just had to come many great women here!:) (2 replies)

What is cin111
Oct 3, 2008
... :raises hand: Yep! I've always had good paps - every year for the past 26 years (plus or minus) since I was 19. I went for my pap in December 07. My doctor did the pap and the HPV/dna test. The pap came back normal, but the HPV came back positive for high risk HPV. From there I went to a gynecologist for a colposcopy and ECC. In March, my gyno did the colpo... (2 replies)
... hi all!im due to have lletz treatment for cin111 july 2nd but im sure i will be on my period.can the lletz still be done? ... (3 replies)
... i had a colposcopy & a biopsy on 28th april which has come back cin111(again- had leep treatment feb99)and will be having treatment next month(im going on holiday so have to wait till i get back)i stopped taking my pill the day i had the biopsy and was due my period last wednesday but it hasnt come yet and im usually regular.i wondered if anyone else had a period as normal?im... (5 replies)
... g. make sure you are happy with what you doc says and make sure they answer all your question, i am 3 weeks post opp and having troubles but found out that i had CIN111 and i am glade i had it done now i was told i can strat trying for kids in 6 weeks. that not long to wait when i know it has helped my health. ... (2 replies)
... I'm glad you are feeling ok. Cancer, wow, now what? What kind of tests do they do now? I'll be saying some prayers for you. Keep me posted about what happens. (8 replies)
... Good Luck! Sending prayers your way. ~Lisa (8 replies)
... I had my tvh on tuesday and feel pretty good. The biopsy came back as cervical cancer. I am waiting on more tests to see if it has spread. I can't believe this is happening as it feels like i am in a dream. Let this be a warning to all: ALWAYS HAVE PAPS. Even though I had regular paps this is still happening so please always stay on top of things. I hope everyone is... (8 replies)
... Evie- I hope everything goes well for you Tuesday. I have been thinking about you. Let me know how you do. I guess they will biopsy what they remove Tuesday right? I would love to hear about the surgery and your recovery since I will be going through the same thing very soon. (8 replies)
... good luck for tuesday....hope everything goes perfectly xxx (8 replies)
... Good luck on Tuesday, I'll keep you in my prayers that it all goes as smoothly as possible and that your recovery is fast. (8 replies)
... I don't know anything at all about glandular involvement, but my situation is similar to yours. I had a cone done in December and my biopsy showed CIN III with unclear margins. My dr recommended a hyst also, but he is waiting until after my pap in March to set a date. He did say that even though there were unclear margins that my body COULD (but might not) heal up on its... (8 replies)
... I understand what you are going through. when I got the news, I was teriffied, but I have done extensive research and feel much better about the outcome. I have CIN1. Pre-cancer cells are VERY TREATABLE. Don't worry, even if you are diognosed with CIN111, there are MANY procedures out there that will treat it before it progresses into anything worse. I have gotten SO much... (7 replies)
... i post early i see know one has replyed. I hope some ones does i really need support. My sister went through the same thing. She is really scared for me so she willnt talk about it. I nedd her advice but i under stand where she is come from. SHE ONLY HAD ONE LESION. I just have this awful feeling it is Cin111. I am scared because i 25 and cancer runs in my family. MY... (7 replies)
... I was diagnosed with CIN111 and AIS August 2005. I had two OB oncologists as well as my OB and my fertility doctor all tell me how dangerous AIS was and not to mess around with it. ... (7 replies)
Leep Results
Mar 8, 2006
... I too had a follow up after my cone in November for AIS. This pathology report did now show AIS now but did show CIN111. I only had moderate dysplasia in November and now severe. My OB or Oncologist couldn't expain why. I am Hysterectomy bound on Monday. (2 replies)
Abnoral pap..
Dec 4, 2003
... You are in America, so your procedures might be different from ours in the UK, but here goes. Your test will have been graded either as mild, moderate or severe - or CIN1 CIN11 or CIN111. This latter grading is about the depth of the abnormality so I understand. Yours in more likely to be moderate or severe, in which case they like to check things out straight away, not to... (2 replies)
Post procedure??
Oct 30, 2003
... hello lightgirl!! I wasnt aware that you could diagnose dysplasia with just a pap smear. for me, and many other women on this site, had abnormal pap smears. then the doctor did a colposcopy (rubbed vinegar solution on our cervix's) on us, and took biopsies of areas that seemed to have abnormal cells because abnormal cells react with the vinegar. The biopsies are then sent... (1 replies)

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