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... t I'm afraid the watery discharge is a result of the colpo worsening my bv. I also was wondering when I'm going to stop smelling. Its been three days and I still smell very strongly of iodine. ... (3 replies)
... hi confused, I was the same after my cyro, I just had the liquid for a week or so and then it started to smell really bad. I thought I might have a bad infection but it went away when my next period came. ... (5 replies)
... on your follow up the doctor will probably do another colposcopy to look at the surface of your cervix......don't worry, it's painless! ... (5 replies)

... ul solution. She was telling me as she was applying it. In turn I had the stuff coming out of me for almost two weeks and I am not kidding. As long as it doesn't smell you are fine. If an odor is present that can be a sign of infection. ... (12 replies)
... when he was going to adminster the shots and I did not even feel them go in. Although, some women say they feel them, so it depends on your body. And I did not smell anything because they also hooked a vac pump up to the speculum so it would suck all the smoke out before it hit the air. ... (11 replies)
"Top Hat" LEEP
Mar 18, 2006
... They decided to do a colposcopy just to make sure since I have a history of cervical cancer in my family. I had an appt. ... (24 replies)
... In early January I had a colposcopy done, and I was really nervous. The actual biopsy wasnt that bad, just pretty uncomfortable and my gyno told me she wanted to get a sample from cervical canal. ... (10 replies)
Vaginal Odor
Jun 28, 2007
... Can vaginal odor be a sign of cervical cancer? Ever since I had the colposcopy (came back benign), I have this odor. I used to have an odor come and go but since the colposcopy, it seems to stay with me and it's a different smell. The odor is like it was just after the colposcopy. I'm going to my doctor in 2 weeks for a 6 month follow-up pap. I'm going to tell her about it.... (1 replies)
... As for the colposcopy and the LEEP, I had both, and they weren't that bad at all. ... (5 replies)
... moderate when the Consultant took my colposcopy and biopsy. Im so scared about the treatment. How long does it take? ... (4 replies)
... ain epinephrine, and will cause your heart to race and your legs to shake a little, but it will pass. You can ask the doctor for a mask so that you don't have to smell the burning when he cuts through the tissue. He did that for me and I didn't smell anything at all. The procedure is not much worse than a colposcopy. ... (5 replies)
... been around longer. That said, the test is not perfect and can give false positives and negatives as well. Many women who test positive for HPV go on to have a colposcopy and nothing is found, but better to be safe then sorry. The scarier part is those who test negative who really do have HPV. ... (9 replies)
... it took longer. When they gave me the anasthetic to the cervix, it did pinch for a minute, and after that it was vaguely crampy, but not too bad. I will say the smell was very weird and a little unnerving. Also my cervix felt very warm, which didn't hurt but felt quite odd since I'm not used to sensing temperature down there! ... (5 replies)
... I had a Colposcopy done this week. The next day I was due for my period. ... (12 replies)
... I hope that I can add clarity to this situation. I have been a women's health nurse for almost 10 years in the midwest US, so I can only speak of what is done in this area. 1. Liquid based pap smears are more accurate 2. The last poster was correct, HPV typing would be a separate sample if were using a conventional pap 3. For the original poster: There are... (19 replies)
... With the history you've posted, I'd be inclined to agree with your doctor. The LEEP will give MUCH more information than a pap or even a colposcopy with ECC. ... (19 replies)
... I had my third colposcopy on Tuesday, March 18, 2008. I am like you. I was terrified. I was fearful of the potential pain, and that fear made things seem one hundred times worse. ... (13 replies)
Oct 31, 2007
... Hi Ladies I am just looking for some advise and support please. I am sure I have come to the right place. I had my first Leep done for CIN II in the beginning of July. I had quite a bad time during the healing process and had three weeks of heavy bleeding an lots of watery discharge. thankfully that is all over with now and I am healing well....although I still seem... (1 replies)
... I have just recently gotten high grade abnormal results back from my pap smear and have been told I must have a colposcopy urgently. While many people I know have reassurred me that I have nothing to worry about, I have recently become TOTALLY panicky about the whole thing. ... (12 replies)
... I had my LEEP done on Aug. 30, 2005. Since we are military our options are limited on where I go for procedures and since our military hosp. has a colposcopy clinic and performs LEEPs weekly in office I was required to have the procedure completed there. ... (2 replies)

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