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... Had a pap a couple weeks back and it came back mod. dysplasia/CIN II and showed signs of HPV. What a shocker, im 32 yrs old and have never had an abnormal pap before. Recvd my pap results on Tues this week and today had a doc appt for the colpol and the cutterage. Doc showed me the pic of my cervix and it looks a bit odd in some parts, and the others just the whiteish colored... (6 replies)
... Hey everyone. Thought I might chime in for ladies going through what Iíve experienced over the past month. This website has def. Helped me with a lot of my anxiety and fears knowing there are other people going through the same exact thing. Just a brief background on me: Iím 25, non-smoker, no children and have dealt with abnormal paps on and off again for the past 5... (3 replies)
... I had the normal biopsies and I think the ECC. I don't recall hearing anything about endocervical cutterage but there were so many terms flying around and carcinoma in situ is more or less the only one that stuck in my mind. ... (6 replies)

LEEP Procedure
Jan 13, 2008
... Hello. I am scheduled for a leep procedure, but i'm not sure if i really need it.. or if the doctor is doing it just to do it. My biopsy results showed: 1. cervix 8'oclock: squamous mucosa with low grade intraepithelial lesion and HPV changes (CIN 1, LSIL) 2. cervix 5' o clock: squamous mucosa with focal low grade intraepithelia lesion and HPV changes (CIN 1, LSIS) ... (4 replies)
... hi ebon! i don't know the numbers either, but cone biopsies cause more incidences of cervical competence than a regular LEEP. this is because the cone biopsy removes tissue that extends into the cervical canal as the dysplasia is found in the canal as well. if you don't have dysplasia in your canal (which they determine with the ECC -- endocervical cutterage), then all you... (2 replies)
... Hello Everyone, Okay! I had two samples taken: one had clear margins, no dysplasia. My Endocervical Cutterage (sp?) was also clear of dysplasia. BUT... The other sample came back FOCAL HGSIL (CIN II) with DYSPLASTIC MUCOSA on the margins!! What the H*LL is DYSPLASTIC MUCOSA? How is it different from dysplasia? Should I be worried? It just doesn't sound very... (8 replies)
... Hi Rebecca71 and welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for advice and words of wisdom. I too, have a story very similiar to yours. I had my pap on March 23, got a call March 30, that I had abnormal cells (along with a high risk HPV) that they suspected as severe dysplasia or carcinoma in situ. I went in for a copolscopy on April 9th and on April 16th got... (11 replies)
... I had my CKC back in early December. I don't feel any pain that I can absolutely link to the cervix, but now and then I get a weird twinge. :confused: Anyway, CONGRATS on having the clear paps!! I go for my next pap and endocervical cutterage (sp?) next Tuesday. I'm getting nervous. I SO hope it's clear, clear, clear. (4 replies)
... I haven't had the cold knife cone but i have had a LEEP. From what i've gathered in my research is that most people take sometype of pain medicine a short time before the procedure and then the Dr. will prescribe some type of pain med for afterwards. With the LEEP i took some Tylenol before and after and i was fine. The cold knife cone is more involved obviously but it... (9 replies)
... I am scheduled for a cold knife cone biopsy and endocervical cutterage on May 10th. Any suggestions on how best to prepare for it? ... (9 replies)
... That's wonderful news that your biopsy results came back better off than the pap! Congrats! Goodluck with the regression and keep us posted on your progress. (6 replies)
... Just got a call from my doc in regards to the results....the pap stated CIN II and the doc said the biopsy shows CIN 1..he wants to do a follow up of a repeat pap in 6 months. THANK GOD for this news..ive been a nervous wreck until receiving this phone call...Im going to start trying to better my lifestyle in hopes of some of this repairing itself...I do pray it doesnt get... (6 replies)
... ((berrones)) sorry you are not feeling well. After I had my first ecc, it was about a week of cramping/twinges in odd areas. I was so worried! The twinges were quite painful and often occurred in the groin area. If your doctor was particularly vigorous with the ECC could explain alot of the pains you are feeling. But if it gets worse, continues for longer than a week or... (6 replies)
... a few posts ago some people were talking about cone biopsy vs LEEP procedure. if it is a LEEP biopsy that they are going to do, it usually takes place in the dr's office while you are awake with local anesthetic. when they use the term cone biopsy it usually means that it will be done in hospital and you will be put out for it. if they want to do a cone biopsy i would ask... (6 replies)
... Im very crampy it normal to continue to have such uncomfortable cramps over 24hrs after the procedure? It feels painful in my ovaries more than where my cervix is...but who knows where its radiating from, only know it is not a nice feeling.....also, yesterday when the doc told me that regardless of the results, he will probably want to go ahead and schedule a cone... (6 replies)
... Hi- I had my first abnormal pap in May, it came back HGSIL (CINII/CINIII). After 12 years of normal paps, what a shocker that was! That week I had the biopsy and ECC. Pretty much the same as you described, very heavy cramping, and my doc said it was from the ECC. The biopsy confirmed the pap results, the ECC came back negative. However, I guess my LEEP biopsy... (6 replies)
For Ktbee
Sep 14, 2006
... the stitches are but overall ok. I haven't been back to the board in a while and I wanted to see how you were doing. Have you gotten your results back from the cutterage yet? ... (0 replies)
Aug 18, 2004
... cin III had come back in only a few months, but I got my results from my doc and everything seems clear. She did a biospy and a endocervical cutterage and they showed there was no dysplasia at all. ... (1 replies)

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