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Does a leep...
Aug 30, 2006
... I had my LEEP in May. I was asleep during the procedure. The only thing that hurt was when they put my IV in. I woke up in NO pain at all. I had mild cramps for a week with some minor bleeding. ... (8 replies)
Apr 19, 2006
... My doctor has reassured me that having a leep procedure does not hurt your fertility. ... (22 replies)
... Once the procedure started, and I'm talking speculum in, doctor sitting in front of me, machine pumped up, ready to go, the entire thing took about 10 minutes. ... (5 replies)

... Hi everyone! I'm 27, married, no kids. Completely healthy until a year ago. First had an abnormal pap, then colpo with CIN 2, was told to watch and wait. Then, started developing food intolerances and fatigue... ... (2 replies)
"Top Hat" LEEP
Mar 18, 2006
... Has anyone here had a "Top Hat" LEEP? ... (24 replies)
... I just had my LEEP one week ago today. ... (0 replies)
... First of all, a LEEP is not a big deal. ... (2 replies)
... I went for my most recent pap just a few weeks ago and was told it had progressed to CIN II, moderate dysplasia, and so I booked in for a colposcopy. That was on Monday. ... (23 replies)
Leep Question
Jul 23, 2004
... Yes you can go under but it depends on the doctor. I would just have your doctor call in a xanax or valium before the procedure to calm you down. ... (8 replies)
... First of all, I'm sorry you're having issues with trusting your doctor. From what I understand, he performed a LEEP and didn't get all of the dysplasia because he used a too small loop. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks soo much for all the help and support ya'll gave me. Knowing about it before hand made the procedure a breeze and your right, i did find it easier then the biopsy. The needle its self didn't hurt, but the stuff in it did kinda sting for a just a second or two. ... (9 replies)
... I had hoped someone else would know more. You can read a lot and find a lot of people who have shared your experience on the post about CINIII and LEEP. It is really long and has a lot of questions, answers and stories. ... (19 replies)
... Just got my diagnosis back today that I have high grade lesions and 'moderate to severe dysplasia'. I have read alot about the LEEP procedure, which I'm having done sometime in the next three weeks. But I'm scared about the severity of the dysplasia. ... (1 replies)
LEEP on Friday!
Jul 14, 2004
... I had the LEEP and I wanted to let you know that it really isn't all that bad. ... (10 replies)
... As promised, i am updating you all. Yesterday i had my LEEP scheduled for 2 p.m. I took 2 extra strength tylenols a half hour before hand. ... (22 replies)
... biopsy, as far as the procedure itself. ... (6 replies)
... I NEVER said it wasnt a big deal. I said it wasnt something "reallly' serious, like the other poster with advanced cancer, or something incurable, or a permanent deformity etc etc. ... (19 replies)
... I had my LEEP in summer 2014 and I abstained from intercourse for one month after the procedure. ... (2 replies)
... c I will wait for a recurrance before jumping to conclusions about that. ... (11 replies)
... laser procedure done a month ago. i'm nervous to jump right back into things with my boyfriend. can anyone offer any advice. does it hurt? ... (8 replies)

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