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... thanks again karen.... I'm over the moon that it's just CIN3, but worried that it doesn't state clearly excised, and that features for invasion are present... I've got a list of things to ask tomorrow....will let you know how it goes... Thanks've been a star! :D (19 replies)
... hi pebbles, Well....I would definately pose your questions to the consultant tomorrow. Good that all that was removed was only CIN 3, but I would have concerns (myself) about the extension to the endocervical margins. It doesn't necessarily mean that they did not get it all, sometimes the cauterization feature of the LEEP will take care of any cells that are remaining,... (19 replies)
... update... Good news...I think! I have no evidence of stomal invasion...but Karen or anyone else who is any good with results I hope can help me out... I have an appointment with the nurse I spoke to said I will only need follow up in 6 months...I don't know if I'm happy with that after reading my results...hence me discussing them with the consultant tomorrow... ... (19 replies)

... you have karen...I think this place is a godsend....hearing people's own experiences.... Fingers crossed for good results...will keep you updated!:D (19 replies)
... pebbles, Sorry to hear you had a setback. Good that you phoned the doctor and got it taken care of right away. Hopefully that is the end of it. ((hugs)) Glad that I could help a little. Karen (19 replies)
... Hi Karen... Thanks so much for taking the time out to reply.... I now understand what I had done and what my biopsy is going to 'tell'...thank you so much're a star!:angel: I had a little set-back over the weekend....I awoke early Saturday morning with terribe cramps and a fever, plus the loss of some 'clots'...I rang the NHS helpline...who advised me to... (19 replies)
... "Karen....I wonder if you could help me. I had a biopsy taken, and for some reason i think it was a cone biopsy via the leep.....(obviously so many things are going on you don't take everything in)..... Is this the norm? or am I mistaken and I've had a 'normal' biopsy taken? what will the pathology see from this biopsy?" Hey pebbles, I was glad to read that the LEEP went... (19 replies)
... Hi Lisa...thank you!!! Although the 2 week wait will be agony (been reading up on some threads and it looks like the UK could be way behind with 'quickness of pathology results'....i see most in the US get theirs in a few days max!! Gawd..2 weeks is an urgent referral for biopsy results here! lol!) I really do not want a phone call asking me to come in early! *eek* it's... (19 replies)
... Hi Pebbles.... Glad you had a "good" experience with the LEEP. Hoping and praying that your results will show all clear! ~Lisa (19 replies)
... whoops!! :dizzy: forgot to say...good luck for Monday Shellyamber!!:bouncing: (19 replies)
... Hi Karen and shellyamber!:wave: (plus all the lurkers who I hope my experience is helping.....) Here we go then...a run down of my visit yesterday... First of all...can I say the loop procedure is NOTHING to be worried about. Yes, its not nice to have your bits on display in a room full of people you don't know, but that really was the worst part of it....if anyone is... (19 replies)
... Hi im in the uk and seem to be going through the same thing got ref from the lab for my having it done on mon 5th....i went through the same thing 10 years the moment I feel numb and cant wait to get monday out the a way its been great to read all the post,,,I dont feel so alone...thanks (19 replies)
... Glad to hear your tour went well, pebbles. I will be sending you lots of positive thoughts on Thursday :angel: . Let us know how things go. Karen (19 replies)
... hi... just an update... I went to the clinic on wednesday morning as arranged...met the nurse who would be with me at my appointment on Thursday 1st March, and my consultant's secretary...both lovely... Ended up spending almost an hour there, talking and being shown every single bit of equipment from the couch, tv screen etc to the biopsy instrument, loop instrument,... (19 replies)
... never heard of microinvasion across all the searches I've done....and I've done loads ;) Treatment is a totally personal choice I agree.....I think if cancer is confirmed my initial thought is to 'get rid of any chance of it coming back' like you....and go down the hysterectomy route.....if I have a choice in the matter *fingers crossed* I'm 34 14 year old... (19 replies)
... Hey pebbles, Well, I can tell you that they found a surprise "microinvasion" in my case. The doc really thought he was only dealing with Cin 3, the punch biopsy didn't indicate it had progressed beyond severe, but the LEEP pathology told a different story - a 2mm depth tumor. HOWEVER, the loop did remove it all and if I had had the courage I could have continued with... (19 replies)
... Hi Karen....thanks for the reply :D That is kinda what I've been thinking....fingers crossed like you say its just ( if it isn't bad enough) CIN3.... There seems to be so little on the web for this result (query invasive) so it's hard to find out statistics etc..... I just hope someone who posts here has had a similar result.... (19 replies)
... Hi pebbles, sorry for your distress. I'm thinking they can't rule out invasion (which means it has broke through the membrane of the cervix and become cancerous), so the LEEP is going to be done to rule out invasion. It doesn't necessarily mean you have cancer, but I think it is great they have referred you to a consultant immediately - then you don't have to wait around... (19 replies)
... :eek: I guess the american word for a cat footing around isn't allowed! :D (19 replies)
... Hi there :wave: I have this diagnosis from my smear test (same as a pap test...I'm in the uk) I have been directly referred to a consultant specialist (not colposcopy clinic) and was told I would be having a loop diathermy procedure at my first appointment (next thursday).... I've scoured the web for info on 'query invasive' and can't find very much on it at all... ... (19 replies)

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