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... That said, a month ago I had a lletz conization in general anesthesia. ... (19 replies)
... C, and endo biopsy done under general anesthesia. ... (27 replies)
... Gosh, you were brave! I'm the coward. I had general anesthesia. Was under for an hour and when I woke up, it was all over. ... (25 replies)

... re. I think it was enough lidocaine and epinepherine to take a way the pain but it left me with the sensation of the procedure. Overall, I don't think i'd go for general's not necessary and definitely bearable for the 10 minutes it takes. The overall procedure is 30 min. ... (19 replies)
... opt to be put under general anesthesia. It sounds to me like the local is fine and quicker. ... (16 replies)
Coloscopy & LEEP
Jan 18, 2004
... Hi txcoolchick, When I say 'prepping' a patient, it really means just preparing them for the procedure. After they are under the general anesthesia, we place their legs in the cushioned stirrups, then we sterilize the area (called prepping) with betadine. This includes the inner thighs, vagina, and cervix. We insert the speculum, rub some acetic acid on the cervix, to... (16 replies)
... I had a leep done with local anesthesia in outpatient, three years ago tomorrow. For a local, a needle full of anesthetic is injected into your cervix to freeze it. ... (10 replies)
... in office with local anesthesia. It is quick, there is little down time for the patient, and it doesn't require general anesthesia. ... (5 replies)
... The difference is that the LEEP cuts the cervix with a wire loop. As the LEEP cuts, it also singes or cauterizes the edges of the biopsied tissue and the intact tissue. This reduces bleeding of the intact tissue. ... (5 replies)
... Some doctors call the LEEP a cone biopsy. ... (18 replies)
... Thank you very much for all the information. She does go for pap tests every year, so I have to believe that even if somerthing is wrong, it would be caught in the very early stages. My fiancee is actually a nurse, so I am pretty sure that she will know what questions to ask. I did not get the sense that she wanted to discuss this at length with me, so I did not want... (6 replies)
... Yes, there are pros and cons of the CKC and the LEEP. The LEEP is faster and can be done in office without general anesthesia. ... (6 replies)
Feb 4, 2007
... burning after having the LEEP surgery? ... (9 replies)
... I have experience with just this subject as of two days ago, because that is when I had my LEEP. My doctor also wanted to do my LEEP under general anesthesia, because that's just how they do it. ... (5 replies)
... I think a LEEP and LOOP are the same thing. The LEEP is done with a loop wire that cuts and burns at the same time. It removes a cone shaped tissue. Either of those can be done with local anesthesia. ... (2 replies)
... The LEEP is a form of a cone biopsy. ... (1 replies)
... It turns out that it takes about as long as the colpo. If you have it done in the office, you can be in and out in thirty minutes. With the general anesthesia, it can take over your whole day. I had general anesthesia recently and I would avoid it if possible. ... (5 replies)
... Some Drs use the terms interchangeably because technically a LEEP is a type of cone biopsies but not all cone biopsies are LEEPs. ... (2 replies)
Cone! (mad face)
Jan 22, 2009
... The LEEP cuts with a wire loop. It cauterizes as it cuts. ... (98 replies)
... CKCs are done under general anesthesia whereas many doctors do the LEEP under local anesthesia. I've only had CKCs, so I can't compare them. ... (3 replies)

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