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... I'm going in tomorrow for a colposcopy, after being told today I have low grade mild dysplasia, associated with HPV. She said most likely, in fact she practically assured me, that this wasn't cancer. ... (3 replies)
... HPV and a huge percentage of the population has been exposed. The strains that cause warts generally don't cause cervical cell changes. It's important if you have an abnormal pap that you be tested to learn what strain you have. ... (3 replies)
... I got my results from my LEEP yesterday. The pathology report basically said that I have low grade, mild dysplasia. no news to me. He got it all and i am due for my 3 month Pap in November. so we are hoping that this time around it comes back normal. ... (6 replies)

... I have a question. ... (5 replies)
... Since the pathology says "no evidence of dysplasia" I assume the "mild nuclear pleomorphism" pertains to your cervix and not your endometrium (although there can be endometrial tissue on the cervix). Since the pathology says "to a degree that falls short of diagnostic for low-grade squamous intraepithelias lesion" I wouldn't think you'd need to do anything at this point.... (2 replies)
... I am in the same boat, I am 13 weeks pregnant and my last pap was ASCUS and low grade dysplasia. I have been going through this for the last two years, so I am not as freaked as you are, I'm hoping I can ease your mind a bit. ... (6 replies)
... A "low grade lesion" sounds to me like it could be CIN I (or mild dysplasia). Sometimes the biopsy the doctor takes during the colpo is sufficient to remove all of a lesion, sometimes a LEEP or CKC is required. I suggest you call the office back and ask them for a copy of the actual pathology report. They may tell you that all you need to know is in the letter, but tell... (3 replies)
... The pap showed LSIL, and they told me it was spontaneous moderate dysplasia. The colposcopy showed mild dysplasia and HPV. ... (7 replies)
... I'm totally impressed that everyone here knows so much. My first abnormal pap was 18 years ago. I ended up with a colposcopy. I never knew there were different levels of abnormal. I don't think I had another abnormal pap until about 5 years ago- it must have been low grade, then last August I had a colpo, low grade, then in Feb- high grade. It didn't take long for me... (7 replies)
... moderate dysplasia with suggestive HPV. I was instructed I should have cryosurgery which I did July 13. I have always been troubled how the specific HPV test could have been so wrong. I am thankful that I went back early. I go for my retest on Oct. ... (5 replies)
... OK... So the mild dysplasia is a Pap result, not a biopsy finding. It could be a chronic inflammation showing up as LSIL in your Pap... ... (23 replies)
Advice Please
Mar 30, 2006
... I'm a 26 year old female. I've had two paps showing Mild Dysplasia, HPV and I had a LEEP each time. Then I had an abnormal pap after my second LEEP that was ASCUS. I had a colpo but no follow up treatment. ... (21 replies)
... In February my pap came back showing low grade mild dysplasia. After the colposcopy my doc called back and left a message saying "everything looks very good, everything came back negative. ... (2 replies)
... Just had 9x15mm endometrial polyp and cervical cyst removed along with d&C hysteroscopy surgery one week ago today. I had been suffering from heavy, painful periods with anemia out of control and menses coming about every 15 days. My doctor had originally ordered a transvaginal ultrasound and they had discovered the "mass" and requested further investigation. My pathology... (2 replies)
... I am going through the exact same thing. The year of 2003 I was told I had low grade. ... (23 replies)
... for conditions that would have resolved without treatment. Some of those treatments can cause fertility and pregnancy term problems. ... (6 replies)
... grade dysplasia this whole time, and not that it's progressed so rapidly. ... (3 replies)
... HGSIL is considered to be a high grade lesion, a precancerous condition, and not cancer. ... (11 replies)
... So I finally spoke to my doctor and she said I am having the LEEP because my biopsy came back as high grade, though my pap was low grade. ... (3 replies)
... can also be referred to as carcinoma in situ. They use high grade vs low grade as an additional way of classifying CIN. ... (17 replies)

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