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... had colposcopy. Have to go for day surgery, he is going to do the leep procedure, what he takes while be sent to pathology.Thought maybe he should have done the ecc, or taken a small biopsy, but he didn't. ... (4 replies)
... I think it really depends on the doctor. The more severe the dysplasia is, the easier it is to see. When they do the colpo, they will spray your cervix with vinegar and that will help them to see the abnormal cells with the colpo. ... (4 replies)
... colposcopy. While doing the colpo she didn't take any biopsies because there was nothing on the exocervix to biopsy. ... (89 replies)

... Regarding the procedures, I've had a colpo, ECC and endometrial biopsy, and for me, the endo biopsy was the worst, although definitely bearable. ... (38 replies)
... se. I know that, but I keep telling my story so women are aware of what the pap can and can't do for women and the importance of looking for answers until there is a solution or understanding. ... (89 replies)
... The ECC for sure. I didn't find the biopsies painful at all, so of course that is the winner. ... (38 replies)
... al but outside and even here we have a private radiology clinic. All you need is a referral sheet from your doctor and you can book an appointment for an ultrasound, mammogram or whatever within a week. ... (18 replies)
... brown, yellow, pink, and it was all pretty "thin" The last few days mine has been "lighter" but it's thicker. I saw my oncologist Monday, and he said everything is healing up very nicely and that the discharge is still normal. I forgot to ask for how long though. ... (12 replies)
... I'm sorry you are going through this. Yes, it can come back because you have the HPV virus and their is no cure for this YET!!! ... (15 replies)
... Intraductal breast cancer may be well contained and if they found it through the mammogram as opposed to your being able to feel it, chances are that it is still in a very early stage. This means that they will probably be able to get very clear margins by removing a very small area of the breast. ... (18 replies)
... Please don't leave it up to them to contact you. You don't want to be the one report that didn't get followed up on. Be proactive and ask. It is better to ask them too often than to fall through a crack. If you are anxious about "bothering them" then ask how frequently you can call. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for your message. it's a famous hospital, so I trust that no news is good news, and that they'll just send a letter, I actually received a letter last time informing me that I had abnormal pap, as well as HPV, and needed to schedule a colposcopy. was a little upset that I didn't get at least a phone call so that I could ask questions! it's kind of annoying, if I don't... (6 replies)
... Based on your response, I will assume the CKC could give a much different diagnosis. That is what scares could be much worse. ... (30 replies)
... onc was reassuring, like I said. That was the first place where it seemed there was an end in sight and that there was a clear cut "this will take care of that" type of conversation. She gave me several treatment options and I had a choice. Up to that point, I had no choice. ... (30 replies)
... For anyone who is going through this stuff, I highly recommend you get copies of your pathology reports and question your doctors about what specifically is happening with your body. Personally I hate the term microinvasion. I wish docs would give us the correct terminology and staging as outlined by FIGO. ... (22 replies)
... So, I can understand how you feel. ... (22 replies)
... Obviously we were posting at the same time. Well, since there is not one other identifiable CAUSE of cervical cancer PERIOD, I will assume that you are much better versed in this subject than I. Period. ... (34 replies)
... I just figured I'd give a quick update, and pass along some interesting info that I've recently learned. I apologize in advance, since this is probably going to be a long post! ... (89 replies)
... To Linda, please see my post, which is also old. Do you have any answers for me also? ... (11 replies)
... given your level of anxiety over it,'s going to hurt. Honestly, take the valium. The calmer you are, the less it hurts. ... (10 replies)

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