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... risk for turning into cancer, and my LEEP was scheduled for October. I honestly don't know if a LEEP always has to be done for HGSIL, but my doctor seemed pretty steadfast that I needed one. ... (5 replies)
... and It maybe just false positive as in your case. And doctor told me about LEEP to check it. But I still think it is too ricky procedure . ... (18 replies)
... (22 replies)

... luckily I had one the same day. The recommendation was for Colpo but after a short in office conversation the DR assured me that LEEP will both diagnose and treat. ... (27 replies)
Coloscopy & LEEP
Jan 17, 2004
... this is the very first time I've been to this doctor and she's new to our area. I have absolutely no idea about her experience with LEEPs at all. Are there no alternatives to LEEP? ... (16 replies)
... in my search I have read about women who have gone through with the LEEP procedure, and had the HPV come back. ... (25 replies)
... It isn't your fault that this happened. I am sorry that you have to go through this, though. I cried for three months straight after finding out that my ex had blessed me with the horrible strains 16, 18, etc. for cervical dysplasia. But I truly believe that CIN I can be reversed. People with CIN III have reversed it back to normal. edited You are worth it! ... (25 replies)
... Natural rememdies make sense when you really think about it. The same problem will keep reoccuring if you don't change your lifestyle. Doctors may cut it out of you, but if you are toxic or your bosy is still out of balance the same problem can occur over and over again. If you feed your body the natural herbs, minerals, and vitamins it needs you body has the ability to heal... (31 replies)
... I have possible lupus or something that causes me flare ups of joint pains, swelling, hives, rashes, etc...the only med that helped was pred. I also have OA & spine problems, had steroid injections into my spinal canal several times; also had short course medrol dose packs for flares and to try to help nerve inflammation from disc herniations and lumbar stenosis. And actually... (31 replies)
... ts of drugs. I didn't want them in my body or my babies body. I am not sure of the reasons of why you are on several steroids, etc. but you may want to look into alternatives or really read the side effects. I wish you well! ... (31 replies)
... Look, before I had my LEEP I was the way you are. I was afraid of the LEEP so I kept looking for alternatives and hoping something else would help. I took a ton of folic acid and I also scoured the literature looking for the the vitamin that would fix this for me. ... (19 replies)
Not again!
Apr 5, 2008
... I can really relate. I had my first LEEP in Jan. '05. ... (55 replies)
... ere dysplasia. i went from a normal pap to severe in less than 9 months and i have an immune blood disorder, so i should have been smart about it and gotten the LEEP done right away. ... (4 replies)
... I'm pretty sure my Dr today will discuss alternatives with me because like I said, she will only do 3 leeps. ... (16 replies)
Pap Results :(
Jun 21, 2007
... ked out at the beginning of all this ordeal and just ready to be done with all this HPV crap. Right after I found out about my dysplasia, I was ready to get that LEEP done so I could, according to my doctor, "start having normal paps again. ... (19 replies)
Pap Results :(
Jun 21, 2007
... d it makes more sense to me to improve my overall health and immune system as HPV can rear its ugly head when our health is down. It's nice to know we have these alternatives as well as having the LEEP or laser to fall back on. I'm really hoping we don't have to go that route, though! ... (19 replies)
What The Hey?!
May 9, 2008
... Very informative replies Ladies, I know I can always learn a thing or two from you all. Also thanks for explaining the difference between LEEP & Cone Melgreeneyes- The doctor said I have moderate dysplasia, which is CIN II, right? I'm 24, have no children, and I am HPV positive. So, being that I have moderate dysplasia, I was kind of wondering why the doctor just jumped... (7 replies)
... re the malignant. here in teh uk tehy dontr really tell us much, we dont have alternatives as its a national health servcie, so im a littel bewildered. has anyoen else had maligmant cells found? ... (3 replies)
... hi there...I am no doctor and every instance is different, but i would have to agree with Lisa. I was just diagnosed with CIN II so i did alot of research on it and found that CIN II and III are more severe dysplasia that may stay the same or get worse. I just scheduled a CKC (cold knife conization) to only remove the affected area since I also have dysplasia in the cervical... (2 replies)
... It is really encouraging to see some positive news on more natural ways to fight dysplasia. I have just had my 2nd LEEP for my 2nd bout of severe dysplasia and have been researching alternatives to make the cervix healthier/ treat CIN, without finding too much useful info. Thanks for the info. Jen (1 replies)

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