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... Am doing research as I will be having my LEEP procedure on 19 Jun and I found Healthboards. ... (7 replies)
... had a colposcopy, treated the lesion naturally with beta carotene, folirinse, etc, and then went in for biopsy. The lesion had disappeared, but my doctor took a biopsy from the site anyway. It came back and I seem to remember she said I likely had HPV and to watch the site, keep up my paps. ... (3 replies)
... A. Received labeled "ectocervical LEEP". Specimen consists of a complete LEEP specimen measuring 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 cm. A suture marks the 12 o'clock position according to the requisition slip. The deep margin is marked with india ink. ... (70 replies)

... read, the biopsy report is usually accurate in terms of what you have. They analyze the tissue from the LEEP to make sure it's not more severe than they had initially thought. ... (2 replies)
... since the results of my pap were HSIL the doctor automatically indicated the next step is to have a leep or a cone biopsy performed. I freaked. ... (7 replies)
... the point they will truly know what cell changes are actually there is after the LEEP tissue is biopsied. That does not mean the LEEP biopsy will necessarily come back showing something different than the colpo biopsy. Most often, the LEEP confirms the original diagnosis. ... (7 replies)
... then they did another colpo and this time the interns said they see something which turned out to be the same spot they took from from the first, then they did a LEEP which came back negative. ... (10 replies)
... Well, I got the results from my LEEP biopsy last week. ... (6 replies)
... Yes, I would have done things differently. I would have gone for a cone biopsy at the very least. ... (17 replies)
... LEEP biopsy in July, and had a Mirena inserted for the first time at the end of the operation. ... (1 replies)
... Roux, I personally have never heard of a leep coming back negative like that. My paps keep coming back ascus and my last colposcopy was clear, no dysplasia or anything besides a bit of cervicitis. ... (10 replies)
... The biopsy said it was moderate displasia but I am still waiting for the results of the leep biopsy (3 replies)
... Today they gave me another pap and then took more biopsy tissue vecause she said that she was still concerned because the initial pap came back CIN ll. The colposcopy and leep came back negative. ... (4 replies)
... Had LEEP done three months ago. Today she took a look and said that the biopsy has not healed! ... (10 replies)
... Well the LEEP biopsy came back BETTER than the colposcopy biopsy! The LEEP showed the entire sample to be Level I, MILD dysplasia, not the CIN III!!!! Margins were clear, he got it all and nothing up the cervical canal! ... (20 replies)
... When my gyn called to let me know my results, all she said was that the LEEP confirmed the diagnosis of HGSIL and it seems as if we got all the dysplasia. So I have a pap scheduled for Nov. 6. ... (3 replies)
LEEP results
Feb 25, 2005
... Doc said he made a third pass with the leep after he took the two biopsies off and says he believes he got it all and that my pap will be clear. ... (14 replies)
... tes it involves the glandular cells of your cervix. BEFORE you get really freaked out about that though, it too comes in stages, and it will all depend on your LEEP biopsy results. I don't want you to be scared, just aware of the location of the cell changes. ... (5 replies)
... I did wonder why he decided not to follow up with a colposcopy again. I know after my next one if it is not negative (which wiill be a first if so!) I will demand a colposcopy if it isn't suggested. The nurse I talked to when I called for my results of my last pap was somewhat surprised, but she thinks he's giving me a break since I've had quite a few colpo's and lots of... (10 replies)
... US, but the colpo and biopsy showed moderate and severe dysplasia. ... (10 replies)

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