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... I just had the leep procedure done myself yesterday, and I have had the colposcopy done twice. ... (118 replies)
... it of pink tinge to it. It's not enough to have to wear pads but still worried me. I have never seen anything that resembled snot down there before. There is no odor to it whatsoever, good or bad. ... (3 replies)
... My discharge also had an odor and it was certainly different than the ususal period smell. It wasn't rancid or anything, more like the odor of toe jam. ... (3 replies)

... I had a LEEP on April 7th so it's been almost 3 months. Unfortunatley I didn't find this site until just after my all happened so fast. ... (4 replies)
... by lowering your immune system. EAT right! When I was going through my months of nausea, I had a hard time eating healthy. I've gained 15 pounds since my LEEP and am healthier than I've ever been. ... (5 replies)
... (21 replies)
... What a wonderful couple of days, thank God! I've been visiting with family on the phone a lot recently and really am enjoying myself. My grandmother and I spoke for two hours...laughing, reminiscing, etc. Then my Uncle Kevin and I stayed on the phone until 3 in the morning just cutting up and raising hell! It's good for him....ladies, we think we have problems (and we do),... (94 replies)
... I just had my LEEP on the 4th and it was not bad at all. There was no shot that I am aware of. ... (7 replies)
Jun 2, 2003
... I'm going in in a couple of hours for my LEEP. I'm so nervous! How is the recovery process? How is the it heavy and a horrible odor? How long has it lasted for everyone??? I'm just wondering and trying to figure out what to expect! And how long until you get your results back after the LEEP? Thanks everyone...I'm worried over here! Is it that bad??? The... (2 replies)
... I am scheduled to do a leep for CIN III biopsy results in 2 weeks. She told me that I probably have a bacterial infection, and that could be why my biopsy results came back bad. ... (2 replies)
... Good morning, thank you! :) Actually probably just as well to let that job go for now. It really is too much to juggle. I have the two part time jobs, am in college full time and am going through a divorce after 22 years of marriage, on top of the cervical and other medical issues - on top of being burglarized twice this fall. Like I said, a country song! You do have to... (14 replies)
... You are too funny! Glad you got antibiotics just in case. Better be safe than sorry. Weird about the cysts! It's absolutely amazing what doctors can leave out. About your job . . . firing you for taking time off for being sick is horrible and could possibly be illegal! Have you worked there for more than a year? (14 replies)
... Get looked at today, whether by your surgeon or a closer medical facility. (14 replies)
... If there is a bad smell, you should definitely get it checked out ASAP. If I were you, I'd call the doctor and ask him! If your doctor isn't there, you can often speak to a nurse or something. You can probably just go to a local doctor/hospital/urgent care center instead of driving back to the surgeon. (14 replies)
... ok thank you (2 replies)
... It could be an infection, see your doctor. (2 replies)
... I've only had one leep done so far, back in august. Right after, I experienced a really REALLY foul odor. ... (4 replies)
... Ladies, Have any of you ever experience tenderness when your GYN stuck their finger in you and presses on your abdomen during your pelvic exam . Well during the last year or so, I had to visit to the GYN because I spot 3 more days right after my period ends and it was quite painful during examination. It's like I have a period for 10 days. My GYN thought that I might have... (1 replies)
... I got an intense BV after I had my leep procedure, and it sounds like what you have. I had watery brown discharge that had a foul odor to it. I had to wear pantiliners until the antibiotics kicked in... ... (3 replies)
... My DOCTOR said that i dont have daplasia or any thing but i do have hpv. I called back to the nurse to see why they said i would need a leep if i did not. They said she would call me back tommorrow. I look at my report to see what it said it said the pap sad HGSIL BUT BIOPSY said nothing. ... (3 replies)

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