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... I would definately talk to your doctor about your concerns with having the LEEP done a second time and then wanting to have kids. I am only 21 years old too and I am terrified that this is going to effect me having kids. I would not be able to handle it. ... (12 replies)
... Wow thanks so much everyone for replying!!! I appreciate it so much!!! Well I asked my doctor and she said pretty much it is the only procedure that does not take more tissue than needed like with the conization. ... (9 replies)
... had LEEP done yesterday, hopefully that will do. ... (9 replies)

... My dr found abnormal cells inside my cervix too and wanted to do the LEEP even before the colpo results came back. ... (20 replies)
... Went back to the Doctor today for my consultation visit. He did explain to me that it is CIN 1 and the ECC was positive. So I am going in for a leep on the 27th. I did ask him about a hysterectomy since I am 33 this year and I am done having kids. ... (20 replies)
... In the beginning of the summer, i went in to the doctors and had a meeting about an abnormal pap they did a few weeks prior. ... (12 replies)
... Hi, I'm a 27 year old mother of three children. All my children have been classified as disable and recognized by the state as such. ... (1 replies)
... All you really have to do is go in, lay there, and let them do stuff to you. ... (9 replies)
... k in January I had to go in for my regualr pap test. Well it turns out it came back abnormal again. My past few have been abnormal, have had to have a colposcopy and biopsy done a couple times before, but always came back okay. ... (5 replies)
... I think you might need another opinion froma gynecologist. I'm not really sure why the doctor would recommend a LEEP from CIN 1. And, like you said, the biopsy is the more accurate method, so I would think a doctor would be more likely to trust those results. ... (18 replies)
Apr 19, 2006
... Two years ago, I had an abnormal pap, resulting from HPV. I had a colposcopy done, and the results came back stating that I had precancerous cell changes on the cervix at a low grade one. ... (22 replies)
... Results From The Ecc Came Back She Would Know Better Then What Descision She Would Suggest. She Said Though That She Thought Beings I Was Only 28 She Would Do A Leep And A Cone Biopsy To Preserve The Cervix.. ... (3 replies)
... I would like to assume that your yellowish discharge could be from a mild yeast infection. My husband used to be a lab tech and said that our "insides" are full of natural bacteria and having the LEEP would probably upset the natural environment. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I know this is kinda old but I am hoping for a little advice. My leep didn't get all of my cin1 or 2. But all of my cin3 and cancer. I go back in august for a repeat pap and my doc said I will find out then what to do. I am not done having kids I want atleast one more. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone! I'm 27, married, no kids. Completely healthy until a year ago. First had an abnormal pap, then colpo with CIN 2, was told to watch and wait. Then, started developing food intolerances and fatigue... ... (2 replies)
... Knowing that someone are having the same treatments helps me a lot. ... (18 replies)
... i had a pap smear about 2 months ago and i hadnt had one in 3 years... when my results of this one came back abnormal i was so scared. I ended up having the severe dysplasia also.. mine was called CIN III which is the worst before cancer. ... (1 replies)
... infect your self with the same strain like herpes so don't worry about passing it back and forth. ... (36 replies)
... and my Dr. said that having children down the road should not be a problem. It only becomes a problem if you have to have multiple LEEP procedures and more and more of the cervix is removed. But even people who have had multiple LEEP procedures have kids, the Drs. simply sew the baby in so to speak. ... (36 replies)
... I hope you've had you appointment and that this has been clarified, but a LEEP is a type of cone biopsy. They can also do a cone biposy using a knife that called a cold knife cone, and even use a laser. ... (3 replies)

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