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... Also, my doctor said that she couldn't see inside my cervix to the cells she was really looking for, which means that if my colposcopy is also inconclusive I will likely have to undergo a more horrible cervical scrape. ... (7 replies)
... Back in Dec of 2003 I went for a PAP. It came back abnormal, so I went and had a Colposcopy-Biopsy and the results came back low-grade. I was to get another PAP done in 5 months. Over 2004 I had a cycle of PAP then Colposcopy then PAP then Colposcopy (all results low-grade) until Dec of 2004 when they did a LEEP. The results for the LEEP came back high-grade. My Doctor at... (5 replies)
... Dr said that it was very low grade and mild and to schedule a colposcopy over the next few weeks so we could check it out. ... (5 replies)

... I was diagnosed with moderate to high grade SIL on the vulva. I had an abnormal pap and also had the colposcopy, but nothing was found in the cervix. ... (7 replies)
... I hade abnormal pap before christmas last year, had colposcopy in early Feb and LLetz in late Feb. Ive was being treated for CIN 3. ... (0 replies)
... not a diagnostic test. There is no guarantee that LSIL in Pap will also be LSIL in the biopsy. More often than not it is, but the biopsy can also reveal a higher grade lesion. Of course there is always a chance that there is no dysplasia there and the Pap smear picked up some inflammation as a lesion. ... (5 replies)
... analysed. Such was the case with your LEEP...even a biopsy can't give you adefinite answer since it only removes a tiny piece of tissue. A single lesion could be low and high grade at the same time. ... (5 replies)
... I'm 34 and would like to have a baby before turning 35. Should I wait and not have any treatment since it is only low grade? ... (5 replies)
... Since the pathology says "no evidence of dysplasia" I assume the "mild nuclear pleomorphism" pertains to your cervix and not your endometrium (although there can be endometrial tissue on the cervix). Since the pathology says "to a degree that falls short of diagnostic for low-grade squamous intraepithelias lesion" I wouldn't think you'd need to do anything at this point.... (2 replies)
... I am 28 years old and I just got the results of my pap back, the results were a "low grade lesion". ... (3 replies)
Low grade sil
Nov 26, 2005
... That question should be answered by your doctor. The doctor would know more about how the hormones that are generated by pregnancy would effect the SIL. I do have knowledge of people who were diagnosed with cervical cancer while pregnant and the obgyn elected to wait until after the pregnancy was complete and the baby delivered by C-section, before treating the cancer. So, as... (3 replies)
Low grade sil
Nov 26, 2005
... I just got back my first abnormal papsmear back in July and had a colposcopy done and the results were low grade sil. My OB said I will need paps every 3months to monitor. ... (3 replies)
... I'm going in tomorrow for a colposcopy, after being told today I have low grade mild dysplasia, associated with HPV. She said most likely, in fact she practically assured me, that this wasn't cancer. ... (3 replies)
... On 3/2/04 My PAP indicated low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LGSI); HPV effect. I have been faithful to partner for 27yrs; can HPV take this long to develop? On 3/22/04 Colposcopy was completed. Doc said everything looked OK - endocervical curettage was benign. Doc was going to complete LEEP in office, but because of prior reaction to Lidocaine & because of the... (2 replies)
... Having a colposcopy done is to check for what the abnormal cells were that came up on your pap. ... (5 replies)
... grade dysplasia and my doctor just had me going in twice a year to monitor the changes. Well, in September 2010 my pap came back as severe grade dysplasia and my doctor scheduled me for a LEEP in November. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Kate! Boy, what a stressful situation you are dealing with. FWIW.....cervical polyps are very common and are growths on the cervix. These can cause abnormal pap results if I remember correctly--though I can be wrong. Do you know what the exact results of the pap were (ex: atypical, low grade, high grade, etc)? I had my first abnormal pap (after 10 years) in 2005. ... (7 replies)
... pap cycle again, especially when the leep showed it was high grade and it's not healing itself. I go on the 19th to get my results and to discuss "options". That was the word she used. ... (5 replies)
... Did your dr perform an ECC during the colpo? Another possible scenario could be that the Pap may have picked up something from inside the canal (the endocervix), which is not visible under the colposcope. The dr needs to scrape cells from the cervical canal and have them biopsied in order to make sure that the endocervical tissue is clear of malignancy. And of course an... (4 replies)
... First of all, a colposcopy doesn't hurt. It causes less discomfort than a PAP. ... (6 replies)

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