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... d out to be squamous cell carcinoma on top of the adenocarcinoma. I'm a medical freak apparently, because it's NOT supposed to progress that fast. And again, the LSIL and AGC are two totally different things. So your LSIL result shouldn't have anything to do with your AGC result. ... (45 replies)
... c, and a hyseroscopy and could i come in thursday if i could take a local. I was told it was a lsil and a general was available. I opted for general so my next appointment is august 15 to set a date. ... (45 replies)
Feb 16, 2009
... others. I went in for another pap and it came back LSIL, which was worse than before...and I'm scheduled for another biopsy tomorrow. Does anyone know if these symptoms could be caused by LSIL...or if it might indicate something more going on? ... (5 replies)

... Sandy...Thank you for your response. I am not sure what is going on. I was suppose to have my ultrasound this week at the request of the doctor but they called today and can't do it till next wednesday. I guess I wait. Thank you for your response. I am still running a fever and pain is still there. I am thinking about hitting the ER again tomorrow. UPDATE: I went... (45 replies)
... I have had a lot of time to think about my options and what is going on. My symptoms and what has changed over the last three years. ... (45 replies)
... So, I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, and if these are symptoms of possibly cervical cancer spreading to the lymph nodes? ... (5 replies)
... Hey ladies.... I haven't heard from Sam yet. I checked the other board that she posts on and no update there either. n I am waiting to hear as well. My pain is still present. I have a pain in my left leg as well and my back is really sore all the time. The back seemed to just be a dull ache with the pelvic pain but now it's more my back bothering. Ugh Cancer head? ... (45 replies)
... So i did something stupid.... I reread your thread. Lol i thought your pap results were agc, hsil with high risk hpv. I was taking comfort in the fact that your sil was higher than mine. I now see they ranked it lower. So much for that small comfort. Still i could have a good end result and i am praying for it.can you tell me all your symptoms? How is it that this can... (45 replies)
... Ok - got it. You are having a colonoscopy. That's a good start for your other symptoms. As far as the D&C and hysteroscopy - I don't know a lot about the hysteroscopy other than it's a close up look at your uterus, but I know a D&C can be done instead of an endometrial biopsy if he suspects the AGCs are coming from your uterus - which they can. I had an endometrial biopsy and... (45 replies)
... I saw my GP today. I talked to him about all my previous appointments for symptoms where i only adressed one issue at a time. I also discussed things that i had not addressed. Once i laid it all out he was very concerned. ... (45 replies)
... I made the appointment but get in till tomorrow morning. I wish it was just a abnormal result. I went to the gyno because of symptoms and those with the results have me terrified. I am not sure if it is the same in canada for the recommendations. I tried to google it all day with no results. ... (45 replies)
... d to things like heart rate, vomiting, and fainting. When the vagus nerve gets stimulated, sometimes it lets you know it with any of the above. But usually those symptoms disappear pretty quickly. ... (4 replies)
... Cervicitis is an inflammation of the cervix—the lower part of the uterus extending about an inch into the vaginal canal. Most commonly, cervicitis is the result of an infection, although it can also be caused by injury or irritation (a reaction to the chemicals in douches and contraceptives, or a forgotten tampon). The first symptom of cervicitis is likely to be a vaginal... (8 replies)
... Background: I had LEEP done in 2004 as I had moderate dysplasia. (I was 37) I had the follow pap smears and within a year, I had an abnormal one again so I went back to the same specialist who did the LEEP. He was very reluctant to remove anymore tissue and wanted to wait a few months to see if it would resolve itself. It did so I'm assuming it was LSIL. I've had... (0 replies)
... The fact that our symptoms are SO similar makes me wonder if we at some point shared the same partner! ... (6 replies)
Abnormal Pap
Feb 15, 2006
... SCUS, the main thing is that you keep your follow up appointments to make sure if the cells start changing then it can be caught early and dealt with. As far as symptoms go, there are usually no symptoms until there is invasive cancer. ... (6 replies)
... With the ECC, they kind of swirl either the brush or the "spoon" type around the circumference of your endocervix. I had AGC and ASCUS on my pap, negative for HPV, and my regular gyn did colposcopy, ECC and endometrial biopsy. They all came back negative. I was still extremely uneasy that something was being missed, so I referred myself to a gyn /onc. He took one look at... (45 replies)
... I was thinking of you every day! So glad to see you are "back". Great news about your lymph nodes being clear. I was worrying for you. I hope you are healing well and feel better soon! (45 replies)
... Hi ladies - saw my name mentioned on the previous page, so I figured I'd pop in and let everyone know I'm alive. Surgery went ok, but instead of spending one night, they kept me for 4 nights. I had some minor (temporary, they think) nerve damage in one hand and leg after surgery, and had some issues with solid food, but other than that it went well. The doc is confident I'm... (45 replies)
... Oh My! You have it all going on. I hope you are feeling better after taking some antibiotics. I think of you everyday..... please keep us posted on how everything turns out. (45 replies)

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