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... Sorry, have joined this discussion a bit late, but wanted to share some of my experience and information with you.... For anyone who is going through this stuff, I highly recommend you get copies of your pathology reports and question your doctors about what specifically is happening with your body. Personally I hate the term microinvasion. I wish docs would give... (22 replies)
... after a round of punch biopsies. I had a cone biopsy done 12 days ago which they said came back with what they term as microinvasive cells and the biopsies of the remaining portion of my cervix still contained the CIN III and CIN II "to the edges". ... (22 replies)
... t think this site deals too much with the natural side of cancer cures, but I could be wrong. ... (22 replies)

... e number one reason I got on line to find some sort of resources in dealing with my situation is because I work with a woman whose daughter died at 34 yrs old of cervical cancer, leaving behind a 4year old daughter and 2 year old son. ... (22 replies)
... I am new here and was wondering what the prognosis is after having a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with microinvasive cerverical cancer cells. my story starts in 1995 after the birth of my 5th daughter. The dr. found sispicious cells and told me to be checked regularily. ... (2 replies)
... No, microinvasive isn't the same as carcinoma in situ. ... (22 replies)
... If you had squamous carcinoma, that is usually caused by hpv16. Without the cervical tissue to attack, there is a chance that persistent hpv infection could then attack the vaginal or vulvar tissue, but this is rather rare. ... (2 replies)
... Real quick post...I was dx'd with CIN III 12 years ago, had the cone biopsy and results came back as microinvasive cancer. ... (22 replies)
... Don't be too afraid. Microinvasive cancer is still highly treatable because it hasn't spread to any surrounding organs. ... (22 replies)
... I had the cone biopsy 11 days ago as "treatment" for my carcinoma in situ, CIN III, microinvasive cancer...whatever term du jour, but all the same. It was not successful in removing all of the cells. ... (22 replies)
... Dr. did not want premiture labor. I had my colposcopy and the tissue cut out. Being as this has happened 3 times and cervical cancer is in the family, and my seizure meds can make me more at risk, how do I stay safe other than a yearly pap? ... (11 replies)
... Thanks for posting Sharon. I read your post but again, was not aware that CIN III was the same thing as microinvasive...and carsinoma in situ. why do they make this difficult time even more difficult with all this technical jargon!?:dizzy: anyone else with this same experience with a cone biopsy? i guess im looking for the ray of light of someine in the same situation... (22 replies)
... I looked at the article and I believe it. We buried my Grandma three weeks ago. She died of ovarian cancer and shouldn't have died so soon. She went to her doctor at the first sign of symptoms... ... (22 replies)
... For tealdreams... That still seems like such a long time to wait if they are saying you have cancer. I was scheduled within two weeks of the first biopsy (and only because I needed a Friday or it would have been 8 days) and they only thought I had the carcinoma in situ or CIN III. And apparently, that first pathology was wrong or I have an agressive strain because the... (22 replies)
... thanks timber, thats what i though. my doctor described it as cancer and all the research ive done is showing that it is different than CIN III and carcinoma in situ since they are not quite at the cancer stage. ... (22 replies)
... ve in patients having copies of their reports as it meant the patient did not trust her! Umm, she's not MY doctor. I finally saw an oncologist at my provincial cancer agency. ... (22 replies)
... Where did you hear that? It's not true at all. The top 4 causes of death in the States are heart disease, cancer, stroke and COPD. (22 replies)
... on they are waiting so long is because i just had my LEEP and they wanted me to heal from that before i got the cone. but even so i think that getting rid of the cancer is more important than letting the LEEP heal. ... (22 replies)
... Just google any of the terms...most of the cancer websites can clarify them for you and most state that they are all basically the same thing. I did not mean to scare you... ... (22 replies)
... my heart goes out to you. I was also diagnosed with microinvasive CA. I had a hysterectomy about 4 months ago. ... (15 replies)

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