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... I had mild dysplasia in the year of 2003. ... (7 replies)
... She said if she had seen anything more serious, she would be recommending cryotherapy or removal by biopsy. This seemed consistent with what I have read about mild dysplasia on the internet. ... (19 replies)
... I am having a dilemma with my mild dysplasia. I am a 26 year old female. ... (2 replies)

... I'm going in tomorrow for a colposcopy, after being told today I have low grade mild dysplasia, associated with HPV. She said most likely, in fact she practically assured me, that this wasn't cancer. ... (3 replies)
... An ASCUS could very well mean just about could just have some inflammation or trauma from sex, tampons, etc. Of course it could still be the mild dysplasia and again, as you know, that is not all that worrisome! ... (30 replies)
... I need advice. I've been on the boards for a while. So far i've had 2 LEEPS. I had mild dysplasia both times and I have HPV. In July, I had a LEEP because my pap came back showing Mild dysplasia. ... (30 replies)
... Thank you so much mymollybt1!!! I would like for us to keep in touch with your stories. You and others have given me so much hope to fight this thing. And I do agree with your statement with STRESS!! Which I've been under latley. Good luck on your copo! :) (30 replies)
... Don't get down and frustrated Coccoeyes I said, I've been dealing with the mild dysplasia for the past 3 years now too........ ... (30 replies)
... Thanks! I'm going to let my gyno take the one last biopsy that I wouldn't let him take the last time I was there. As long as that's either normal, or mild dysplasia, I'm going to wait 3 months and see if it goes away on it's own. Either way, after this last biopsy, I'm going to switch to a new gyno. ... (32 replies)
... and decided to wait and watch, while also improving my overall health with supplements, diet change, and lots of exercise. I am going in for another biopsy this Tuesday so I'm hoping that things haver gotten better and that the dysplasia has regressed. That is the best scenario possible! ... (6 replies)
... When the nurse called she told me that I have mild dysplasia on my cervix and that the doctor wants me to come back so he can take that last biopsy. Has anyone had dysplasia on their vulva? ... (32 replies)
... After two weeks of being VERY worried, I find out I have a very mild dysplasia. ... (32 replies)
... The last two posts are especially right along the line of whats going on here. I go every 3 months for paps and then here comes the colpo. Results seem always the same. ... (23 replies)
... which is something I am going to have to work on now. I got some nicorette, so maybe I will quit soon... ... (7 replies)
... a week ago and he took a biopsy and scheduled me for a LEEP at the end of the month. At the time of the biopsy he told me that i have MILD cervical dysplasia. ... (3 replies)
... why on earth would aggressive LEEPs be the surgery of choice when there's more than a strong chance the dysplasia goes away? ... (36 replies)
... Did they tell you what stage of dysplasia your Pap showed? ... (2 replies)
... curable. On average, it takes years to progress to cancer, but you should never wait that long to follow up on it because it progresses quickly in some people. Dysplasia can cause vaginal bleeding, especially after sex, which may explain your bloody discharge. ... (2 replies)
... Ok, first of all, take a deep breath and calm down. It all sounds very scary at first, but you're going to be fine. ... (3 replies)
... here in California I had to sign a consent form allowing my doctor to do the biopsy, so I knew full well in advance what she was going to do. Your doctor definitely should've told you everything that he was going to do and everything that he saw during the colposcopy. ... (3 replies)

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