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... Before i had mirena i had probs with severe flooding but the worse thing was the pain. I used to pass out. ... (5 replies)
... Once the mirena was removed, the cysts went away and I had no pain. My gyno said that was a side effect from the hormones coming from the mirena. ... (4 replies)
... I think the Mirena encourages these cysts because the progesterone is not high enough to stop the follicles forming, but is too high so the egg cant break out. So a cyst forms. ... (5 replies)

... To make matters worse, I now have ovarian cysts from endometriosis on both ovaries the size of oranges. I am putting off the hysterectamy as long as I can put up with the abdominal pain from the cysts. ... (1 replies)
... I thought that this type of IUD was associated with development of cysts so why on earth would they have put you on it ? ... (1 replies)
... ft side. i went to the emergency room where i waited 3 hours just to be prescribed more vicodin. I still have the pain on and off that comes on strong. I had the mirena put in 8 weeks ago due to irregular periods and other hormonal issues. ... (5 replies)
... d with three children. Last wed I went to urgent care because of left sided pain. I had a ultrasound which found a 3 cm complex paraovarian cyst. I've had simple cysts but never this kind... ... (5 replies)
... HI, 24kbear - no, I haven't read your post, but I am going to go back and read it. I honestly don't know if mine are truly ovarian pains are not, as they are further down in my groin, though from what I've read pain can be 'referred pain', so even if it is in my groin and not actually over my ovary, the source *might* be from the ovary. Of course I have had a history of... (10 replies)
... Hello, leogurrl... I, too, have had GI problems that have gone away for years and come back. You may have read my post about Gastroenteritis and Ovarian Cysts? I really find it very "coincidental" that I have never had ovarian pains in my life (during ovulations) but in the past 3 years when I'm not supposed to be ovulating (b/c I have a Mirena IUD) that the two times I... (10 replies)
... Hello! I was recently in the ER on Sunday due to what seemed like "food poisoning" or gastroenteritis. I had very watery diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, etc. The last time I had this was in 2009 and the ER then told me that it was diverticulitis b/c my lower left abdomen was hurting. When I mentioned that to the DR at the recent trip to the ER, he said that they just can't say... (3 replies)
... arian cysts. About eight years ago I also had and US with the same results. So I wasn't worried. Neither was the doc at that time. After my last US I got the Mirena IUD because my periods were always real heavy. That seemed to help, although I still have periods and occasional spotting. ... (3 replies)

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