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... I am home from the EMB and ECC. It hurt more than the LEEP. I'm going to lay down for awhile after finishing this post. ... (2 replies)
... The ECC concluded Endocervicitis. ... (0 replies)
... slightly elevated. I have asked for an abdominal ultrasound but my gyn won't order one since my cone biopsy was normal. She said that the abdomen isn't her area and she wouldn't know what to do with the results anyway. I do have endometriosis but haven't been told if this could be the cause of the agus favor neoplastic..... ... (38 replies)

... I have heard that Yeast Infections can mess with pap results, I don't remember where I heard it though and don't know if the info was true. They are trying to diagnose me as well with those gladular changes. I will let you know my bio results this week. ... (38 replies)
... Pickle Eyes, I'm confused as to your comment about taking separate samples for the pap and hpv and how this practice is more accurate than sending a pap sample directly for hpv testing. ... (19 replies)
... He is doing an ECC as well. Does an ECC hurt? ... (11 replies)
... I don't know much about cysts, but as for the atypical glandular cells on your pap, is your doctor planning to do a colposcopy AND an ECC? ... (11 replies)
Feb 16, 2009
... Hi Theresa, congratulations on your baby girl! and I'm sad to hear of all of your symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... Sherrie, I'm one of those people who "doesn't do things the usual way" as my doctor said. I get unusual symptoms and unusual things cause things to happen. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Lisa, congrats on the wedding! Yes, typically the a pap result of HGISL does predict that a CIN III biopsy result is coming. ... (16 replies)
... Repeat pap was done right away and came back fine, however was tested for HPV at that time and came back positive of High Risk HPV. I was only told by the office that my pap came back fine. I was never informed that I was HPV positive. ... (8 replies)
... I have had a lot of time to think about my options and what is going on. My symptoms and what has changed over the last three years. ... (45 replies)
... I have been lurking here for a couple weeks now. I received my first ASCUS pap in May 2010. Went back for follow up pap in November 2010 and it was still ASCUS. Had colposcopy and ECC in December. ... (3 replies)
What comes next?
Feb 28, 2010
... The colpo is like a pap, only a little longer in time. The ECC was quite uncomfortable, but the discomfort was over in a matter of seconds. Considering what my ECC found, the discomfort was worth it! ... (10 replies)
... Well there are several reasons. Personally, from what I've read, I think the progression from low grade cellular changes to cancer is between 5 and 7 years. ... (4 replies)
... My question is why to make me a conization if the colposcopy is perfectly normal , i know the pap smear is not a diagnostic, i was thinking colposcopy matter not the pap smear ! ... (19 replies)
... I think I saw that you are worried about the pain. My doctor didn't biopsy the exocervix when she did the colposcopy and ECC. The colpo was like a pap. I didn't detect any difference except she used the scope to look inside. The ECC hurt. I can't lie. ... (13 replies)
... i have always had problems with my periods, but for a while it got a LOT worse, and i always felt tired. i was never called back about any paps before. ... (19 replies)
... you are the paying customer and you deserve to be treated with respect. ... (4 replies)
... I had an LAVH for a similar diagnosis and no residual lesions were found. ... (27 replies)

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