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... colpo at that time. It was still ascus and she wanted to follow me in 6 mos which would've been by 1 yr with the other dr. I returned this time at 1 yr to my original dr or should I say NP. ... (25 replies)
... I'm back with my PAP results....another ASCUS pap!!!! I just don't get it! ... (25 replies)
... I all too well know that desire for a normal pap. And you might remember me. You and I share similar results. Last December I got an ASCUS pap with HPV negative results. ... (25 replies)

... By the way, I did read somewhere that it is quite acceptable for an ASCUS pap to simply be followed up in 1 year the same as a normal pap so I think the way your doctor is proceeding is fine. ... (25 replies)
... area that they deemed the result dysplasia. I'm guessing a few slightly atypical cells here and there is what you have...and not grossly irregular cells, either. ASCUS is milder than LSIL. ASCUS can't confirm lesions, LSIL is the confirmed presence of lesions. ... (25 replies)
... Hi all...I just rec'd the call with my HPV results. It was negative which gives me a little relief. This now brings me to 4 negative HPV tests but the PAP remains ASCUS. Dr's office tells me to return in a year. I think that's too long...thoughts???? Cautiously optimistic!! (25 replies)
... Mommy, if you are really concerned about the ASCUS, you could ask for cryo or laser ablation. Both are very minimally invasive.....................of course your NP doesn't want to do a LEEP, especially in the absence of confirmed hpv: your sledgehammer analogy is right on. Still, if you want to "start over" (lol) you could try the above. I would just as soon forget about it... (25 replies)
... I then had normal paps for 12 years till last year with the ASCUS thing. ... (25 replies)
... You are going to be FINE!!! You have the minum and I'm not sure if your doctor told you right... You don't sound like you have low grade HPV. You have the High-HPV. If your having ASCU or Low grade, it can go back to normal, in the meantime they say to use condoms to help less irritation. I've had mild dysplasia and everytime I get a colp, it comes back normal and when I... (1 replies)
... and once again it is ASCUS with high risk HPV. ... (1 replies)
... st results were, I know I was tested positive for high risk a year or two ago, but I'm hoping that's cleared up. If it hasn't, then at least I know that I have a persistent strain and to monitor closely my condition. ... (2 replies)
... So sorry to hear about your situation. I've heard both sides of the story///pregnancy is good for the situation and the opposite that pregnancy suppresses the immune system. My situation is a bit different (HPV Neg w/ persistent ASCUS pap) and I recently miscarried. "Great minds" say one had nothing to do with the other. Anyway enough about me. In my opinion, I would... (13 replies)
... I didn't know that (for sure) but I suspected that sometimes the doctor will scrape the os with the same swab he/she uses for the pap. I bet that little brush doesn't go beyond the Transition Zone, though. Hmmm, I might have to go do some research . . . :) (25 replies)
... Thanks all. Yes Tulip it is frustrating...with your results which are similiar you can understand. Brieau...actually it's on the border of M*****R, IN and D**R, IN. She is an OBGYN and yes there is a NP on staff to handle the overflow. The NP is the one who offered up ALDARA although I'm not sure I'm going that route at this point. In fact, the Dr just said return in... (25 replies)
... Hi Tulip, has your doctor done an ECC when he/she has done the colpos? If not, I suggest you ask for one. They aren't comfortable, but they are the only non-surgical way to check the cells in the endocervical canal. Good luck to you both, Tulip and M&W! (25 replies)
... mommyandwifey, Just writing to tell you i sympathize with you! I've had 9 ASC-US and ASC-H paps consecutively in the last 2 years and 3 colposcopies, also negative for HPV. My doctor hasn't recommend any futher treatment besides more paps and colpos. So I certainly understand how it can turn into such a long and frustrating process. Please keep us posted with your... (25 replies)
... Thank you, mommywifey.....Just to clarify, the doctor is a female "D.C." and she hires a NP in her practice who offered the Aldara after you pushed & pushed (good for you! although I honestly think you have nothing to worry about)? And it is in the town of D**r, Indiana, about 26 miles south of Chicago? I will be there next week......Chicago, that is, visiting brother and... (25 replies)
... Mommywifey..............ok, I have heard of Aldara, but I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY SUGGEST reading all personal experiences with Aldara before electing that treatment ESPECIALLY since you have almost essentially nothing wrong with your cervix! Look in the in the skin cancer boards where Aldara is typically used. I am very against surgery for dysplasia (since it doesn't... (25 replies)
... Thanks Marie...well this particular Dr is recommending a return in 1 year with no treatment. I am not in agreement with that so I'm planning to return to my 2nd Dr. in 6 mos. If there is no change at that time, I am going to discuss my options including cryo. The Dr. mentioned aldara cream which has to be applied directly to the cervix twice per week in the dr's office. I... (25 replies)
... Hey Mommyandwifey, Marie here. Well the fact that the results don't change (that is get worse) is definitely a relief. But you still you can't put this behind you and move on. It keeps coming up abnormal (even though it is the most normal of the abnormal results you could get). Are you planning to ask the doc about cryo? When are you due back for a recheck? Your... (25 replies)

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