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... I had my first LEEP on Mar. 6th. I have my first post LEEP pap scheduled Tues. ... (7 replies)
... Leep 91, and a daughter at 38 years old in 99. I had a blighted ovum pregnancy in 2000 at age 39 and a stillbirth at 21 weeks at age 40 in 2001. The stillbirth was from knots in the cord and had nothing to do with the leep. ... (20 replies)
... I would ask your gyno before trying. Also, ask if they feel your cervix is strong enough to carry to term and what your chances are of ending up on bed rest. Knowing this can help you prepare by saving up money if you won't be able to work towards the end of your pregnancy. Good thing you've been taking vitamins since you're planning on getting prego. Maybe now you can... (3 replies)

... I realize that the LEEP doesn't have an effect on fertility and if need be they can sew the cervix. I also realize that the more time your cervix has to heal post LEEP the less chance of a miscarriage. I asked my dr. how long I should wait to ttc after the LEEP and she didn't have an answer for me. ... (5 replies)
... now on to the questions. I have read on this board that several patients have been told to wait 6 months after a LEEP to try to conceive. Has anyone on here gotten pregnant prior to the 6 month mark and had a normal pregnancy? ... (3 replies)
... I had my first LEEP on Mar. 6th. I have my first post LEEP pap scheduled Tues. June 26th. I am hoping all goes well and that my dr. tells me it's okay to start ttc. ... (7 replies)
... the freezing, my onc. said if the cells return after a leep or cone, they can often get the new ones away with freezing which is the least invasive procedure. ... (11 replies)
... basically i had my leep at the end of june. results showed i had moderate dysplasia,a nd high grade cells. ... (2 replies)
... in december, i had the leep conization done. ... (11 replies)
... LOL- you didn't seem negative at all, and i wanted honest opinions and advice :) that's why i came here as opposed to just talking to my friends at home. i needed opinions from people who KNEW what i was going thru. i realized at some point that this wasn't a decision that i could/should make alone- i had to include my boyfriend/future husband- because it is his life that... (11 replies)
... Scaredone...i don't think you're being a big baby about this at all! You are faced with some very big and difficult decisions and choices. Yes, there are others who are worse off than you but it doesn't minimize what you are going through personally. I'm also dealing with this horrible HPV thing and my husband and I got married in september 04 and we're both 32 and we would... (11 replies)
... I have to say that I agree with Ivana and Melanie C's husband - your health is most important - i know that i was extremely lucky to be blessed with a healthy child, but my husband and oncologist both wanted me to put my health before a baby. I also eventually realized I did not want to give birth to a baby to not be around to see her raised. In addition, I was not prepared... (11 replies)
... so he sent me to a gyn onco which i visited yesterday and he recommended the LEEP procedure for me. He said its not a matter of days or even weeks but months that this has to be done. ... (5 replies)
... I went to the dr today and wanted to post this information as it is said to be a rare side effect of LEEP.... ... (1 replies)
... childbirthing post LEEPs. ... (3 replies)
... I just had my first LEEP in March after my mild dysplaysia went to moderate over the course of a year. From day one, my biggest fear is not being able to have children. ... (3 replies)
... I had around the same amount of cervix removed and I am planning on having a child. Did you have a normal post pap after LEEP? ... (5 replies)
... of women who have LEEPS experience complications. Typically, a LEEP causes no problems with childbearing so don't worry too much about that. ... (16 replies)
... years and knowing that these surgical procedures on the cervix can affect pregnancy is a complete and utter blow to a healthy young woman. ... (3 replies)
... My cousin also had to have a LEEP for CIN III a few years ago. Soon after, she became pregnant with her only child. And by soon, I mean only a month or two. ... (20 replies)

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