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... nts would consist of 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. One day a week of chemo and 5 days of radiation. At the end of that cycle I would have 2 internal outpatient radiation treatments. At the end of the cycle of treatments they found that there was still one area that that did not respond. ... (53 replies)
... They are both side effects of pelvic radiation. They can show up right away or several years after treatment. I was treated with internal and external radiation and chemo and hysterectomy. My proctitis symptoms started during treatment. The proctitis causes uncontrolable diarrhea, and bleeding from colon. ... (53 replies)
... external radiation, at the same time chemo once a week during the 6 weeks, then 3 internal radiation treatments, and then another "super dose of chemo" Burnt vagina, if thats what you can call it now. . ... (53 replies)

... I am really furious that no one even gave me a written piece on what could happen and what the risks of pelvic radiation were. I didn't think this could happen. I totally relate to your anger and betrayal. ... (53 replies)
... o hear of all you have been through and appreciate your posting so that others can heed your words and get regular exams. I must say, however, that the amount of radiation given you seems an awful lot to me. It is hardly surprising that it messed up your organs in that area. ... (53 replies)
... I am speechless. I want to thank you for sharing your story because some people do not realize what radiation and some of these treatments can do to you. ... (8 replies)
... I had pelvic radiation, for another pelvic cancer. To give you some hope, I am 4 years post treatment and gradually started to heal. It did take about 3 years for my body to start bouncing back. ... (53 replies)
... Ok I found out now this MASSIVE "internal abcess is ALL of my adominal are and with all the burnt tissue and adhesions they cannot open me up thru the pelvis they would have one shot to TRY to take out some of the reamins of burned tissue from the radiation and clean out the adominal area thru the vagina take a skin grat from my thigh and TRY to line the adominal wall with... (8 replies)
... Hello everyone :wave: Well I havent posted in a while,I swear I have had a zillion drs appointments :dizzy: I stayed in Houston this week closer to MD Anderson,I had over 9 appointments,Mon-friday Yikes!!!! I found out my surgery is going to be December 6 a FEW DAYS AWAY!!! I am a wreck I even have my own surgery team lol.As of right now I will find out Monday what exactly... (53 replies)
... No tests, ever since the cystoscopy they just ignore me, saying it is severe radiation cystitis, my urine can be dark thick red, and they keep saying that, don't even have me come in. let alone do anything for the pain. ... (53 replies)
... I am ALWAYS paranoid and I mean ALWAYS paranoid the cancer will come back,somewhere and the damage the radiation did on me with the fistula and SEVERE damage to my bladder it seems a never ending struggle here.Is this qualty life? ... (53 replies)
... procedure than the cold knife cone, but the aftermath from your procedure sounds less nasty than what was described to me... ... (12 replies)

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